Romney Big Speech Fail . . .

Romney forgot to come clean fully in his Big Speech today. The Babbling Class is tripping over itself tonight to praise Romney’s speech.

We were up on and around the Hill today. Not everyone seemed impressed. For example, we sat down with a long time social conservative Movement activist. We trust this person as an unusually good bell weather for where ‘mainstream’ Movement thinking lies. Underwhelmed with ‘uuuuuuuuuu’.

It’s undoubtedly true Romney understood these Movement segments will be ‘ungettables’. And crafted the speech for the more casual drive-by ‘middle’ of the electorate. Yet as our friend above sardonically reminded us, Movement tends to control the agenda and momentum in Iowa though South Carolina. We’ve yet to meet a conservative impressed with Romney’s performance.

We later saw footage of Rudy’s response to Romney. We looked closely for cues based on our past interactions. He certainly did play the gentleman by praising the Romney speech. We actually agree with that in spirit. It has the added benefit of being smart politics.

Rudy’s body language conveyed a different message. Our take? It vividly screamed out his unhappiness that Romney did so well. Understandable. But interesting dichotomy. Rudy the candidate, for good or for ill, hasn’t yet mastered the Big Dog’s ability to turn from smile to a tear on a dime. Hey may never do so.


The Babbling Class is kicking their horse race coverage up a gear. We’ve been involved a bit with some campaigns before. So we get that all this is a fact of life. We remain appalled to see how unusually unctious and self-important these ephemeral people can become.

Naturally they missed the big story of the day — a huge gaping hole in the speech. A hole so big that even Bush 41 could say “wouldn’t be prudent” to leave unfilled.

Once again the Stiftung must step into the breech. Put simply, “Governor Romney, brushing aside the alleged secret cult aspects of Mormonism, don’t you think the American people deserve to know where you really stand on 9 ft., 1000 pound Psychlos? And why is Jonnie Goodboy Tyler’s freedom campaign to unearth their 300,000 year old teleportation mastery so important for our Time?”

If only the Concierge of the Situation Room could summon the courage for this kind of investigative journalism. At least we’d know he was in on his own joke.