Schlieffen Plan Deferred

Who would have thought that the 2008 version of the Marne would occur in New Hampshire. Apparently, no one. To watch Tweety’s rage, bewilderment and sputtering, one would think he was Moltke the Younger learning about Parisian taxi cabs and his ridiculous frontal assault at Nancy. It wasn’t just him of course. Every useless pundit and pollster got it wrong.

It was interesting to see the crown prince trying to turn his frown upside down as well. To mix historical metaphors/Central/Allies, perhaps the crown prince’s Kitchener brigades youth vote will materialize somewhere down the road. And likely suffer the same.

For all that, to watch a disheveled, hoarse and bilious Tweety rage on Morning Joe (or whatever that monstrosity is called) about the Clinton “machine” and likening the outcome to some dark alchemy is worth trench warfare for a bit. One can sometimes best savor life’s panoramic moments by noticing the detail in the small things.