Screaming Panic

John Dickerson reveals Obama’s not the best salesman for his own policies. Who knew? His numbers are bad; congressional numbers are worse. All here know national generic ballot polls in July aren’t particularly meaningful for late 2010. We hear reports of Rightist focus group activity (statistically meaningless as we’ve all discussed here before) and internal race specific polling from a variety of geographic and socio-economic samples are popping. They are, if anything, possibly understating the situation. Several friends, some nationally (in)famous, are in the field now and confirm. Is it all just because of the unemployment rate?

Dana Milbank snarks thusly: “It would not be accurate to say that Democrats are worried about losing control of the House in November. It would be accurate to say that Democrats are in a screaming panic about losing control of the House in November.” That seems about right.


  1. Comment says

    Btw – if your read those Venona books – the agents all sound like neoconservatives at some panel discussion who is “Serious” or “well developed” The fact is that Mielke sounds a bit more sane than the Theissen because he is actually a real thug, rather than a make believe thug scared of his own shadow,

  2. Comment says

    It’s just a simple fact that haley Barbour was critical of Obama following the oil spill = Leave aside Barbour’s own sloppy record – Barbour even squealed that he would follow Napoleon’s advice and not criticize his opponent while he is destroying himself. So why does David Gregory now go on Tweety show and say Barbour did not criticize Obama and that Barbour was being bipartisan – There is this concerted effort among many in Tweetyland to define Barbour as some sort of new McCain – a bipartisan man of honor, rather than a Confederate.

  3. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @Comment The part of his imaginary phone calls and game show addiction also stands out. One can see Kristol in his cell placing imaginary calls to Randy Scheuneman, elucidating the tactical positioning of Sarah’s grizzlies for a Gaza crackdown rally in Boise.

  4. Comment says

    We have already made our fearless forecast and still think that Dems will keeps the House and do a bit better than the worthies think now. It’s a matter of turnout and reminding people of the specter of 2 years of impeachment/subpoena attempts. Indeed, we think that GOP failure to retake the House will be a serious blow because this is their last chance as the economy , in general, improves over time. If we are wrong, the economy will still improve and any GOP control will be shakey and they will llikely fall on their face in their attempts to impeach.

  5. euskal says

    screaming panic? You would never have guess based on the legislation they have been brokering? Wonder how things would have been with a public option. It might have energized the Howard Dean branch.
    Wonder how much of this is due to Democratic base disenchantment.

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