Send In The Clowns

The primary circus in California runs out of steam. First, Rudy inevitably bows out. As readers know, we’ve had a soft spot for him from our working together years ago; we avoided helping out mostly because of his Neocon posse (nor were we approached in any event).

Watching McCain tonight pound Team Mitt without mercy stokes mixed feelings. Readers also know that back in 2000 we were on the ground for him in South Carolina and had a crestfallen but fun late dinner with part of his family. Later, when he was Chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, the Stiftung worked closely to pass solid legislation of front page media note; and with McCain’s support rolled McConnell, Lott et al. in conference all the way to WH signature.

Truly McCain was the anti-christ of Movement and Rightist Republicans, as you know. The true venom on Capitol Hill is hard to convey here in text. The deviationism? Intolerable.

So to watch him 2004-2007 warp into some parody of the Warlord is so sad, so hypocritical he should implode into thin air. We actually think that McCain truly changed. His warped calls for endless war and admission of economic ignorance not only invite glee from opponents but should scare us all.

Perhaps when Arnold endorses him tomorrow, Arnold will give away free copies of “Jingle All The Way”.