Send In The Clowns

The primary circus in California runs out of steam. First, Rudy inevitably bows out. As readers know, we’ve had a soft spot for him from our working together years ago; we avoided helping out mostly because of his Neocon posse (nor were we approached in any event).

Watching McCain tonight pound Team Mitt without mercy stokes mixed feelings. Readers also know that back in 2000 we were on the ground for him in South Carolina and had a crestfallen but fun late dinner with part of his family. Later, when he was Chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, the Stiftung worked closely to pass solid legislation of front page media note; and with McCain’s support rolled McConnell, Lott et al. in conference all the way to WH signature.

Truly McCain was the anti-christ of Movement and Rightist Republicans, as you know. The true venom on Capitol Hill is hard to convey here in text. The deviationism? Intolerable.

So to watch him 2004-2007 warp into some parody of the Warlord is so sad, so hypocritical he should implode into thin air. We actually think that McCain truly changed. His warped calls for endless war and admission of economic ignorance not only invite glee from opponents but should scare us all.

Perhaps when Arnold endorses him tomorrow, Arnold will give away free copies of “Jingle All The Way”.


  1. Comment says

    Hannity Lite? LOL – We always thought of Joe as Hannity Plus and Mika as Ivy League supervisor

  2. Comment says

    You gotta wonder about McCain mocking Romney’s capitalism – This along with Rudy dubbing McCain as Commander-In-Chief for the USA (not just the military) and you see creeping Pinochetism on the so-called moderate end of the party – Though Pinochet would probably respect capital more –

  3. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    Actually, this is quite creative and good. And call to mind of what would he be doing wandering around the WH for 4 years.

    As we said 100 times here, we just wish Obama had more experience (especially executive) beyond the Harvard Law Review, a State rep and then beating the hapless Alan Keyes. Given the world today and the U.S.’ diminished standing and resources.

    Perhaps Obama’s first act, instead of flying to Tehran would be to fly to Secaucus and set MSNBC straight. And ask the very bright Mika Brzezinsky exactly what the hell she is doing. His second act would be appoint George Clooney as Secretary of Symbolism, etc.

    “Oh the horror, the horror”

  4. Comment says

    Leo – did you check out the cover endorsement of Obama in the NY Post? They split the cover with a dark tabloid story likely to confuse the casual viewer that Obama, though endorsed, is somehow linked to the front page crime. Intentional?

  5. Anon says

    The reason only the VRWC could probably exploit that story is because our experience tells us that they have a unique ability to tease out the Clinton V. USA narrative grove even in the most unlikely place – So they could convert an oily influence peddling story, with CGI V. USA tie-in, into a seditious sounding subversion of Bush’s freedom agenda and even cheating on Hillary in a a sense because HRC had expressed concern about this country. If Bush 41 was in on the deal it would have been portrayed as a bold attempt to secure nuke fuel for the west. But Bill?

  6. Anon says

    Here is a potentially huge anti- Clinton story – It woudl be tricky for Barack to exploit its complications, but the best way would be for him to ‘defend’ Hillary against ‘Bill’ in the guise of praise for her concern about human rights consistancy abroad, then let the media fill in the blanks.

    Tweety is still on the defensive – still feeling heat for HRC pushback – Here is a non sexist story for him to sink his teeth in, but if we had to guess he would have trouble really exploiting its anti Clinton potential – To make the heat on Bill an event.

    It may take the VRWC to get their hands on it

  7. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    Two of Doles unintentionally funny moments were falling off the stage and screaming “where’s the outrage?” A friend of ours was right under the rostrum at the convention with one of those silly perception analyzer dohicky things. The results? Well we know. But that same speech in 1999 might have moved the meters a bit more.

    Perhaps McCain’s post election moment will be for Levitra; sans Britney Spears of course.

  8. Comment says

    Aldershot said he looked like a prize fighter – indeed, a bit punchy thought He was too steamed and po’d so he will lose the visual replay war over the week, unless media bias comes to his rescue. We think the media will try to carry him to the nominationa and then let him expire in a semi-respectful Dole’96 kind of way.

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