1. sglover says

    Echoing “Comment”, above. Already Hope’n’Change looks set for a second term, in a win by default. (He’s done barely a thing to really earn it.) Palin can only make things worse for Republicans. Everything I’ve seen says that outside of her Bizarro Land cult, her “popularity” drops every time she opens her mouth. She’s a lightweight and a quitter and a celebrity, and she doesn’t have the brains to try to outgrow that.

    And now it’s time to throw “Bulworth” in the Netflix queue again….

  2. Comment says

    We think Palin will resist the idea of running – prefer to demagogue from the lucrative sidelin – But we think she will let emotion defeat her and will end up running, despite herself –

  3. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Inquire, you’ve said it spot on. And it is as you note, there’s also the irony. Although spoke with a senior Fox News personality/Republican operative who disdains Palin as well who believes Palin’s goal is to be an Oprah-like behind the scenes Queen qua King Maker.

  4. Comment says

    IMO – if Palin gets the nom – Obama would probably outdo LBJ in ’64 — It would truly make the GOP the party of anger and low info conspiracy types –

  5. Comment says

    Palin seem to becoming more of a dips*** every day. Her “RELOAD” comment puts her beyond the pale and the liberal media would never let a Dem pol get away with something like that – but they excuse her because they think she is a frosty redneck and doesn’t know better.

  6. inquire says

    I hate to stoke the Palin fires, but it’s hard to argue with Sullivan in this piece where he takes on David Brooks. I too have advocated a strong line of intentionally neglecting her as the most effective weapon against Palin’s attention-powered ways (to quote the Simpons, ‘Just don’t look’ and the adver-monsters die).

    But perhaps Sullivan is right. Ironically, if he is, then trying to refute or scrutinize her only gives her more power and does nothing to affect the ‘anti-reality’ crowd who will be yea or nay based on their gut and not what cogent arguments appear.

    The most sobering phrase:

    “Yes, many tea-partiers do not think Palin is “qualified” to be president. But primaries are won by enthusiasm and star power. Palin has both. And she has money. And, most important, she has a media machine dedicated to promoting her outside of any real scrutiny or questions.”

    All this media hogging and money grabbing is simply fueling the fire for any desired self-funded run at any office she chooses.

    I would like to know what herr Doktor thinks of this latest mutation.

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