Smoke On The WaPo (w/ a slight update)

Howie Kurtz, one hopes, has a good tailor. Repairing frayed knees in slacks takes talent.

While ostensibly ‘reporting’ on controversy over Iraq, Kurtz twice in the last week has written airball fluff pieces on Young Bill Kristol. Today it is “Bill Kristol, Highly Recommended.” Just two days ago, he wrote glowingly of Kristol and the gang at Weekly Standard, Michelle Malkin and a lawyer on ‘Powerline’ (as if being a lawyer means anything — someone smack Howie and remind him that the Justice Department is being run by people who got their law degrees from a Pat Robertson TV studio).

At issue in the second item is whether The New Republic once again is guilty of printing exaggerations or outright fiction by one of its anonymous war bloggers. Frankly, the Stiftung long ago stopped caring what TNR said one way or another. But it is hilarious to see Howie quote Michelle Malkin and some chickenhawk lawyer as experts on things military. Deviationism still invites flying courts martial in the waning days of the regime.

In honor of Howie’s two-fer: a karaoke tribute to his hackery, dishonesty, mendacious misrepresentations and sanctimonious subversion of journalism. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you . . .

    “Smoke On The WaPo”

(to be played at maximum volume)

<-- use play)

Update 24-7-07: the original vocal mix came live off the soundboard at Wurmserfest 2007. Today is a remix from Sterling Sound in NYC — you might want to check it out. [/end update]

We all came to Bethesda
On the DC borderline
To make the AgitProp on a laptop
We didn’t have much time

William Kristol and the Neocons
Were at the best place around
But Howie Kurtz with a fluff piece
Burned the place to the ground

Smoke on the WaPo, fire in the sty

They burned down the Editorial Offices
It died with a Likudist sound
Funky Hiatt was running in and out
Pulling talking points out the ground

When it all was all over
We moved to the Examiner
But Bush time was running down
It seemed peace would still break out

Smoke on the WaPo (a fire in the sty)
Smoke on the WaPo

(guitar break)

We ended up at the Fox Offices
Puffy lips cold and bare
But with the fax/blog/email thing just outside (pause)
Making bullshit there

With a few Red friends and a few old threads
We make a place to connive
No matter what we get out of this

I know I know I will never forget
Smoke on the WaPo, a fire in the sty
Smoke on the WaPo, keep em down

Windows IE 7.0 and other versions may not show the play button at the top; here is a sledgehammer way to surmount Redmond’s coding mediocrity/discrepancies. N.B.: there is a slight load delay.

Howie has a personal stake in all this silliness. Like most ‘reporters’ he knows his top-down hierarchical media/model industry is a decomposing corpse. The renegades tore the facade off the zombies.

So Howie writes about these juvenile blog spats and Michelle Malkin to be current and relevant to his future potential employers (the blogosphere) and ‘hip’ to the tired old has beens still churning out dead trees with ink on them.

One can imagine Howie telling some young blogger with more impact and sway now than Howie has with a combined dead tree and CNN gig, ala Moe Green: “Do you know who I am? I am Howie Kurtz !! I made my bones when you were still going out with cheerleaders!”


  1. says

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding On The WaPo (w/ a slight update) | Stop The Spirit of Zossen 2.0, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

  2. Aldershot says

    I’m afraid poor Jpod wouldn’t fare too well against Steyn; wanker though he is, he’s a fine figure of a man. But maybe in a few days I’ll submit a general media male hottie list for your perusal.

    Re Albert Ellis, I thought his approach made the most sense when I took Psych 101. From the article, these books look interesting:

    “A Guide to Successful Marriage,” “Overcoming Procrastination,” “How to Live With a Neurotic,” “The Art of Erotic Seduction,” “Sex Without Guilt,” “A Guide to Rational Living,” and “How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything — Yes, Anything.”

    But speaking of mental health, I followed this link from the Colonel’s site, which contained the second link, within the comment section:

    I think there’s the alternate explanation of severe stress on Bush that would adequately explain the difference, but it is quite a difference.

    Re jello, the portability factor is intriguing, not to mention not sloshing your drink after you become sloshed. Now how about Jello Jiggler Shots?

  3. Hunter says

    “Why can’t the Survivor tv people work with this?”

    I smell profit…

    The question is, can we set something up to where there are clear but real goals for the contestants to accomplish? Instead of arbitrary games, perhaps the criteria for success on the show can be getting some legislation advanced or something… perhaps each contestant can choose their own pet issue. The celebritocracy (I’m still looking for the right neologism to express the wierd way our ‘royals’ are Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake [or whoever it is this week]) we have is obnoxious, but if the famous were also working in the halls of power, I’d be way less depressed about the state of our nation/culture.

    Prizes: I think it’s pretty clear that cold, hard cash is the only thing that would suffice. The winner could use it to finance their first run for state rep. wherever they’re from, or donate it to AEI or some worthy cause, or just pay off some of those law school debts.

    It could be the first hit reality TV show on PBS.

  4. Dr Leo Strauss says

    The Stiftung was on the Hill today and must report back. It is a safe bet that for either gender, there is sufficient eye candy in any demogaphic one cares to name. We casually estimated maybe 200 people who would easily fit right in on any list. And if the 20-somethings crowding around in rapturously mannered ‘genuflection’ before say a former county-treasurer-now-turned congressman are any indication, the count likely covers everyone equally.

    Why can’t the Survivor tv people work with this?

  5. Anon says

    Who would Steyn regard as more deserving of santuary? A possibly illegal Mexican from Peublo who has no criminal record but is uninsured and injured himself on the job, thus putting him and his employer at risk from INS/DHS? Or Lord Black waiting out the BoP and Marshalls?

  6. DrLeoStrauss says

    Perhaps we should start a Useful Idiot Hottie meme, putting up Steyn against Jpod et al. and turning the Looksism prism back in upon itself. Assuming it doesn’t shatter in the recoil.

  7. Anon says

    re AgitProp 4WG etc – Take note of Nasrallah’s ability to plant seeds along such lines. His comment about Chapter 7 is pretty well thought out, but we doubt Israel did it – and we would guess that he doesn’t think they did either. However, they may have not prevented what they may have heard about. Who knows – the only important thing is that Americans are not in Lebanon.

  8. A Random Quote says

    “Our brothers observed the area of the operation for at least three months. All this time the Israelis did not sense us. Many civilian cars passed through the area but we were not interested in harming or kidnapping civilians.”
    ~Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah
    July 2007
    (Explaining Hezbollah
    rendition techniques to
    Scheur & Co.)

  9. Aldershot says

    Re feminism, even back when I was a teen in the 70s it had a militant ring and today the word nazi is often attached to it. Oh, brother. And now with the so-called third wave, which I’ve gathered can mean stripping and expressing yourself sexually, everything old is new again. Yes, it’s strange that after all this time that serious professional newswomen are being appraised so, but with beefcake firemen calendars, etc., it’s all in good fun.

    Yes, Greta is great. The other young woman from the Hill they tried was very nice, but her voice was in too high a register, and not firm enough. I haven’t been watching Washington Journal lately, so maybe they still have her on. Greta has that clear, level gaze and a direct stlye.

  10. Dr Leo Strauss says

    re the women under discussion —

    They are all fortunate to be attractive, seemingly healthy, etc. Good on them.

    It would probably be appalling to see the people passing judgment on them from an equal ‘lookist’ pov, particularly the older men lurking on the Hill.

    The Stiftung is leary of the term ‘feminist’ because it has now so many sub-coded meanings. But we are Old School in the sense of positive feminism being about empowerment, equality and bringing a unique female perspective on professional and cultural matters long under the Mansfeldian thumb. MacKinnon and the late Andrea Dworkin not so much. The modern urban rap/hip hop symbology of ‘feminism’ even less so.

    We have always said Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 1-3, and parts of 5 arguably were the finest television ever made.

  11. Dr Leo Strauss says

    re OPSEC et al., how galling it must be for Krauthammer et al. to see Nasrallah toss back at them their own Churchill-esque Agitprop.

    Perhaps the BBC can make a comedy of this to allow an American network to steal, debase but popularize it.

  12. Comment says

    Greta Wodele is totally dominant in the on-air catagory. She’s truly impressive – convey the right kind of intelligence with hints of more.

  13. Armchair says

    Lookism is when you are in college and you stand on the balcony of your motel in Datona during Sping Break and make summary judgements about the women walking by below or gathered by the pool soley on the basis of their “looks.” Sometimes a “lookist” might be casual and sloppy and yell things like “Hey baby, show us your t—!”

    Other lookists are more subtle or discreet in their comments. For example, a neocon might attach a trivial seeming “commodity value” to a woman’s look, but on closer examination this assigned value will be “abounding in metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties.”

    William Lind would probably classify the whole concept as a form of “cultural marxism,” but he might find O’Reilley’s “Zone” a bit too sloppy as cleanser.

  14. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Lookism is an 80’s crie de coeur/castigation of those who dare express aesthetic appraisals on women, their attire, posture, etc. Think Catherine MacKinnon claiming she is ‘raped’ when a man admires her picture. Now, as noted in the next comment, it is just a general slagging of anyone who acts out.

    The Stiftung always found this amusing as at one time we did some very small work for one of the world’s most famous fashion designers regarding a landmark couture store — and as usual, the most eggregious ‘lookists’ all around were, well, women.

    The Zone is O’Really’s miasma of self-loathing, projectionism and SA thuggery over at Fox.

    The truth is that on the Hill and especially during the summer, the array of visual eye candy is vast and reflects alot of personalities. When John Tower ran SASC, for example, the receptionists and other staff relected the tastes of a Chief Petty Officer coming ashore at Subic after a 6 month deployment. And so on.

    The Gorman picture is flattering. Vixenish. Bridget? She would very popular at Dewey Beach over the summer — in a good way — and Bruce hints a mischievously fun personality. In addition to a certain elegance.

    At least this lookism is based on semi-reality. None of the radical photoshopping so prevalent everywhere else.

  15. Dr Leo Strauss says

    One can only imagine the myspace/facebook ‘friends’ links in the furious off stage campaigning. Warning to the winner: you will have an appointment in the ‘No Spin Falafel Zone’ ahead.

  16. Aldershot says

    The stories are idiotic. Laughing at a scarred woman? How stupid are dogs in Iraq, anyway? They can’t hear a huge vehicle lumbering toward them?

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