Smoke On The WaPo (w/ a slight update)

Howie Kurtz, one hopes, has a good tailor. Repairing frayed knees in slacks takes talent.

While ostensibly ‘reporting’ on controversy over Iraq, Kurtz twice in the last week has written airball fluff pieces on Young Bill Kristol. Today it is “Bill Kristol, Highly Recommended.” Just two days ago, he wrote glowingly of Kristol and the gang at Weekly Standard, Michelle Malkin and a lawyer on ‘Powerline’ (as if being a lawyer means anything — someone smack Howie and remind him that the Justice Department is being run by people who got their law degrees from a Pat Robertson TV studio).

At issue in the second item is whether The New Republic once again is guilty of printing exaggerations or outright fiction by one of its anonymous war bloggers. Frankly, the Stiftung long ago stopped caring what TNR said one way or another. But it is hilarious to see Howie quote Michelle Malkin and some chickenhawk lawyer as experts on things military. Deviationism still invites flying courts martial in the waning days of the regime.

In honor of Howie’s two-fer: a karaoke tribute to his hackery, dishonesty, mendacious misrepresentations and sanctimonious subversion of journalism. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you . . .

    “Smoke On The WaPo”

(to be played at maximum volume)

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Update 24-7-07: the original vocal mix came live off the soundboard at Wurmserfest 2007. Today is a remix from Sterling Sound in NYC — you might want to check it out. [/end update]

We all came to Bethesda
On the DC borderline
To make the AgitProp on a laptop
We didn’t have much time

William Kristol and the Neocons
Were at the best place around
But Howie Kurtz with a fluff piece
Burned the place to the ground

Smoke on the WaPo, fire in the sty

They burned down the Editorial Offices
It died with a Likudist sound
Funky Hiatt was running in and out
Pulling talking points out the ground

When it all was all over
We moved to the Examiner
But Bush time was running down
It seemed peace would still break out

Smoke on the WaPo (a fire in the sty)
Smoke on the WaPo

(guitar break)

We ended up at the Fox Offices
Puffy lips cold and bare
But with the fax/blog/email thing just outside (pause)
Making bullshit there

With a few Red friends and a few old threads
We make a place to connive
No matter what we get out of this

I know I know I will never forget
Smoke on the WaPo, a fire in the sty
Smoke on the WaPo, keep em down

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Howie has a personal stake in all this silliness. Like most ‘reporters’ he knows his top-down hierarchical media/model industry is a decomposing corpse. The renegades tore the facade off the zombies.

So Howie writes about these juvenile blog spats and Michelle Malkin to be current and relevant to his future potential employers (the blogosphere) and ‘hip’ to the tired old has beens still churning out dead trees with ink on them.

One can imagine Howie telling some young blogger with more impact and sway now than Howie has with a combined dead tree and CNN gig, ala Moe Green: “Do you know who I am? I am Howie Kurtz !! I made my bones when you were still going out with cheerleaders!”