State of Play This Round

We thought to do one of those halftime recap shows. You know, sponsored by a former Dow Jones Industrial stalwart now selling around a buck ten. The circus atmosphere seems thicker than ever.

A Secret Message To President Obama

  • Cramer vs. Stewart: We give the first 3 rounds to Stewart. Brutal. Cramer’s sheepish and needy turns on Today and Morning Joe highlight his glass jaw. CNBC also seems to be relying on Erin Burnett (as noted in comments on another post) as the more palpable face of CEO/Street gushing plutocratic boosterism. It’s about time CNBC takes a hard fall.
  • Rush vs. RNC: It’s done. Rush on his broadcasts is actively dampening his routine to dose his newly enlarged audience with the hopes of keeping them. He understands the politics of addition very well, thank you. But it’s time to head to the locker room on this one.
  • Michael Steele vs. Michael Steele: Will there be a coup? Could we be so lucky? As TPM noted the other day, the alleged RFP issued by Steele’s RNC for technology services was either deliberately inept to hide an existing relationship or a sign the lights are on but there’s no one home. Steele’s calling congressmen ‘mice’ doesn’t help.
  • Obama vs. Earmarks: It’s an inside the Beltway game and he’ll get a pass this time. But everyone knows his budget is already delusional. Obama may soon look back at these times as the salad days.
  • Gordon Brown vs. Obama: Who?
  • ____________

    Did we miss anything?