Support This Blockade Or We Will Shoot This Dog

It’s been a bad run for Israel lately.

Consider the events over the past two years that have led up to this moment. The war on Gaza, initially justified by Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, was grossly disproportional and resulted in war crimes against Palestinians that completely overshadowed the casus belli. Since then, the blockade of Gaza has stopped humanitarian assistance and prevented reconstruction-which has only provoked worldwide support for Hamas’ human rights complaints against Israel.

Meanwhile, that war proceeded covertly as well, leading to the clumsiest intelligence operation in Israel’s history-the murder of a Hamas official in Dubai by agents who left behind copious evidence of connections with Mossad. That evidence included passports issued by friendly nations, which of course strained diplomatic relationships with them. Worse, the choice of Dubai as an assassination location put severe pressure on Israel’s unofficial but strong relationship with the United Arab Emirates-a powerful force for moderation and tolerance in the region and beyond.

Whatever Hamas lost when Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was throttled in a Dubai hotel room, the damage to Israel was considerably greater.

Bibi’s press conference was prime material for the late 1970s SNL players. Bibi did all but blame the Poles for the aggression and point to the Polish soldiers fought off and found in uniform dead on his side of the border by the radio station. But we get the same kind of justification: the relief boats are full of ‘terrorists’ and ‘smuggling arms’ etc. One can say that compared to the deliberate violent attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in international waters and murder of U.S. servicemen the Israelis showed relative restraint according to the competing video. No airstrikes or anti-ship missiles.

What Americans should learn from this is that the corruption of the Israeli psyche and poison of the body politic by the Occupation since 1967 is fairly widespread both in political classes and a depressingly large percent of the general public. Even Bibi’s political opposition today without hesitation defend the broader failed concept of subjugation, blockade, macht and oppression as the path to security. And unlike some bloggers’ suggestions, this Idee Fixee won’t be overthrown by whether the Ken Doll puts Bibi’s calls automatically into voice mail.


  1. Comment says

    Just read that Beast post – It’s very sad because you see misunderstandings happening as they happen. Though yet true that many anti Israelis see this incident opportunistically, ’tis also the case that many Israelis would rather not have this whole rigamarole exist.

  2. Comment says

    One of the more interesting misunderstandings in modern politics is the split between countries like Israel and Ireland. Just as Israel is unified in defense against the flotilla – Ireland would be even more the opposite. Though yet, both nations have much in common – But because of Ireland’s history, they contextualize Israel as England and Palestinians as Irish. The Ulster settlement is the primary reason.

  3. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @Comment One can only imagine the accolades from the old Imus frat house – they are ‘tv’ broadcasting on a high school public access channel now, right? Imus always put on the fluffiest knee pads for the NYT contingent of Rich, Friedman and Dowd.

    The food thing is tedious. As are the pretensions of ‘has been’ bureaucrats seeking to stay relevant by subscribing to WSJ wine clubs and then feigning knowledge of wines based on what Rupert ships. We encountered this recently and seriously had to fight the inner monologue telling the poser to STFU and just chug Gatorade.

    In a somewhat more serious vein, some pundits and ‘writers’ and ‘thinkers’ we know – serious types (at least very much in their own minds) are extremely jealous of MoDo. And Steve Clemons for that matter. Those frivolous food burps generate huge page views and mindshare. Clemons commands a significant presence, too. And those watching are bitter.

    There’s something particularly savage about the ‘man of ideas’ kind of jealousy. Have you noticed they seem to see idea theft everywhere? And root for their ‘friends’ to fail with undiluted fervor? They know they have to self-brand now. Most already got their kids to create a Twitter account for them. Same with Facebook. They have a gmail address. Still isn’t working. Their 2,000 word tendentious tracts on the Jacksonian tradition’s impact on Kentucky primary voters? 32 page views – 17 from viagra bots. Now, if they could have added a food angle?

    These (self-) important people don’t have the creativity to create disposable memes. They went to the right school. They drive the right car. Their ego gets in the way. So they resort now to trolling their kids (or Huff Post) to learn who’s current. Lady Gaga is name dropped alot by TV pundit types lately across the political spectrum. For most, it’s a lame effort to counterfeit relevancy; they’re not boring old farts, Notwithstanding Lady Gaga was cool 3 years ago to the *real* Kool Kidz. For others, it’s scanning their kids’ iTunes library to have something to talk about – at the home dinner table or with Mika the den mother. The trick? To name check Lady Gaga *and* drop in the food bomb before Willie Geist big foots the pop culture references.

    As readers we have the luxury of ignoring MoDo. For people in the biz, her existence is a mosquito in the ear. Their real annoyance is tat buzzing driving them mad is the harbinger of their own professional mortality. It’s an oxymoron to speak of the dumbing down of America. Modo in a way was smarter and just cut to the shallow chase first. Doesn’t she have a Pulitzer?

  4. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Anxious, it’s a great question the Israelis seem to not know either judging by their media and politics. Living through death is among the cruelest of revenges their genocidal oppressors last century could have wished.

  5. Comment says

    Foxman is sort like a Bill Donahue type – He mixes his own political piques in with legitimate complaints. He has a tendency to denounce first, and ask questions later.

  6. anxiousmodernman says

    What is the endgame for Israel with this strategy? They’ve shut the door on reconciliation for another generation. Tragic.

  7. Hunter says

    Ugh… bad doesn’t even begin to describe it. However, the Ken Doll is just an inspired description.

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