Surviving The Election 2012 Posturing – Begin !

Are you agile enough to reconcile Election 2012’s shifting memes? It’s the first round. Here they come.

What about centrist accommodation rushing at you as vigorous, valiant defense of the at risk? Did they get you? Maybe that was too easy. How about technocratic accommodation gussied up as ‘severely’ conservative? How many rounds can you survive until November?

Give it a whirl. It’s harder than it looks.

(P.S. If your iDevice shows a blank you know why . . .)


  1. Sam Lowry says

    Yikes. I have historically considered myself something of a capable video game player; yet I have not managed to score much above 400. My street cred has certainly taken a hit.

  2. Aldershot says

    I note the author of the article didn’t even bother to bring up the dissatisfaction of anti-war liberals.

  3. says

    16,019 !!! That’s pretty amazing. Haven’t been able to approach your earlier score of 8842 even. Maybe the lesson JWB is that we’ll get through election just fine, after all.

  4. dilbert dogbert says

    Worse than waiting out the election in November is waiting out the post election. God!!!

      • says

        Actually managed 16,019 after posting. That has to be close to as high as you can expect (the actual score would depend on chance). The secret—which applies to the election coverage as much as to the game—is to hide out by lying low.

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