Swine Flu

It’s frankly stunning and unique in American history. We’re at a transformative moment, and I think you will see the American people demand abandonment of the clearly socialist, authoritarian drive by this Administration. We’re witnessing a profound radicalization of the American middle class. They’re simply saying they won’t put up with unions, rich Democrat donors on Wall Street getting bailed out, and sweeping tax increases to fund the governing class.

be sure to wash hands often

So you have to ask yourself? Who’s side are you on? We have a positive program to protect puppies, bring green coal into American neighborhoods, transform and empower insurance companies to provide better brochures, and cut taxes to preserve the Reagan revolution. They want you to get sick, lose your job and then will seize all that you own, sell your family to dark Islamofascist terrorists and eat kitties in the name of stimulus. We have a great opportunity to take back the House in 2010.