1. DFH Dave says

    This scene is from “Sideways,” one of the great grown-up buddy/road trip movies of all time; for those who haven’t seen it, you’re depriving yourselves if you don’t rent it. Paul Giamatti’s character, Miles, is a mess of a man whose most damning and redeeming quality is his love of fine wine, hence his comic refusal to drink any “fucking Merlot.” What he ends up drinking a little further down the road provides one of the greatest excruciating movie laughs this side of “Meet the Fockers.” Later he redeems himself with a speech on the wonders of pinot noir that causes the lovely Virginia Madsen’s character to fall in love with him. And yes, I’d like to see Obama find the guts to stop triangulating us to death and take a fucking stand on something important. Spoiler alert: things turn out relatively well by the end of the movie. I’m not so sure the same will be said about Obama’s presidency.

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