Tell Us We’re Wrong . . . (updated) (again)



Please pardon the repairs, Dear Reader. We made a video of Larry King interviewing Petraeus in the gloam last nite and posted it. Some of you may have already seen it. Upon review this grey dawn, it wasn’t/isn’t up to your standards. Most damning, it just wasn’t funny enough to deserve your attention.

We will confer with our Muse and send the matter to arbitration.   


The Arbitraitor’s ruling has come down. Both the Muse and the Stiftung (collectively “The Parties”) failed to comply with their contractual obligations. The Arbitraitor found the Muse in breach for Her lazy conceptual design. Moreover, the Arbitraitor ruled that the Stiftung also was in breach for louche, faxed-in tech support. Accordingly, the final and unappealable decision is that the Parties must offer a concise summary of the last 2 weeks in American domestic and foreign policy to this site’s readers.

The Parties offer it herewith: 

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