Thank You, Officer Stephen T. Johns

Still stunned by it and the past weekend’s long conversations with Fox News and Bush Administration personnel on their views of responsibility for public rhetoric. In the interim, as a placeholder, what Michelle Kraus says. And God’s peace and love be with you, Officer Johns.


  1. Courtney says

    While you lay in peaceful sleep your memories we will always keep. Thanks officer Jonhs for your ultimate sacrifice

  2. Comment says

    I honor Officer Johns heroic behavior. What more can be said about someone than has been stated above.
    The incredible sadness of this event is infinite.
    We are learning to live with a diverse society and we are making great progress in this country . The whole world is watching. These tragedies must remind us all of the importance of love over hate and life over death. We must all remember to open our hearts and open our minds. Officer Johns, we salute your courage.

  3. Chris Singley says

    Stephen T. Johns is a hero. He is remembered daily here in Swampscott, MA, woth gratitude and respect, by he famililes of our town’s 8th graders, present that terrible day when Mr. Johns laid down his life in protection of our children. We cannot begin to convey our thanks and remorse to his family. You are all in our prayers.

  4. says

    not only a guard

    doing the job
    serving others
    in spite of
    how looked upon
    just being there
    day after day
    the professional
    vigilantly watching
    checking, helping
    giving a felt safety
    willing to hold fast
    become the focus
    protect at a cost
    at times with life
    typifying in deed
    honor, courage
    a sense of duty
    earned respect
    quite simply
    not only a guard
    the dedicated
    Security Officer

    ~Dedicated to all like Stephen T. Johns

    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

  5. Linda says

    God bless you Officer Johns. You are a true hero to me and so many others. My sincerest condolences go out to your family.

  6. Carole M says

    To the Family of Officer Johns,
    I am praying for Stephen and know that there is a special place in heaven for him. Stephen was an American hero. He died that others may live. May God bless his family and especially his wife, mother and son. And may He grant them peace.

  7. Stephen says

    Thank you Mr. Johns for your heroic act. I saw your son on television and I can tell he’s hurting right now, but I also see at the same time he’s going to be a great kid. His interview broke my heart, but I know you will protect him from above just like you did the 2000 other people just a few days ago. Thank you.

  8. Hathor Dickerson says

    Mr. Stephens John is a true hero. The courage and bravery that it must have required to act so selflessly in a split second is beyond honorable. My heart and thoughts are with the Johns family. Thank you Sir.

  9. Mike says

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Johns family in the passing of your loved one. May God continue to keep you in his loving arms.

  10. kim says

    May your name be remembered forever as a blessing! Your child should know that you died a hero protecting other children. May your family be blessed and comforted in this time of sorrow by all, but especially by my community, for it is our history, our tragedy, our Holocaust lessons, our 6 million souls which he vowed to do honor to by protecting those who wished to learn from us and fight prejudice in the future. Thank you, Officer Johns.

  11. mara says

    Officer Stephen T. Johns,

    The 2000 people who were in the museum that day will remember you forever. They will pass on your name and the story of your great sacrifice to their children and greatchildren. You will always live in their hearts and mine, though I was not there.

  12. Desargues says

    Thank you, officer Stephens. May you rest in peace. We’re all grateful to you and people like you.

  13. Stephen Kay, Jr, says

    Thank you Officer Johns. I remember meeting you a year ago this week when you opened the door for my family as we visited the museum. My 10 year old son remembers you because we all share the name Stephen. He also wants you to know that he “is sorry that that are still bad men in this world.” You will be missed but fondly remebered by our family forever.

  14. mz says

    I want to also say thank you to Officer Stephen T. Johns and offer my prayers for his family. God bless men like Mr. Johns, he is a hero.

  15. Victor says

    Thank You, Officer Stephen T. Johns.
    You gave up you Life, to save the lives of many children.
    Thank You.

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