Obama’s State Of The Union – The Annual Report To Shareholders

That’s what it was. Hollow, cheap bromides.

Obama’s insight? ‘Out innovate competitors’ isn’t just meaningless. Innovation isn’t the American problem. It’s that once the R&D is done, the scale up to manufacturing is taken offshore. Not just because it’s cheaper. We’ve lost the entire network of infrastructure expertise necessary to proceed to scale manufacturing in electronics, tech and future industries such as new batteries and solar. And so on for his other shout outs. Empty.

Did we miss anything?


  1. latte says

    ”the American problem” is the contemporary American \ital{type} itself, which has many interesting and entertaining attributes(like Ebola symptoms, or a Shih tzu on mucho crystalmeth), but is essentially a counter-productive type.
    The good news is that type is as mutable on one level as is programmable culture, its determinant.
    \ital{culture}broadly conceived, as the total substrate, including food production, education, characteristics of economic activity, relative influence and organisation of institutions of power and prestige (academia, finance, manufacturing…) …

  2. Redhand says

    I decided not to waste my time on it. We all knew it would be empty words as a prelude to trench warfare in Congress. Besides, as you correctly point out, our “transformative president” circa 2008 is now just a Clinton style corporatist.

  3. euskal says

    Nope, pretty much sounded like the old CEO Bush’s,Clinton speeches, only with more feeling and pronunciation. I have not bothered to watch since Ronnie’s “perfected” the SOTU visuals…

    I believe we had a variation of Reagan & Clinton speech from what i read in the NYT. “The state of the Union is strong, wonderful and full of ponies and flowers”, but we need to EDUCATE our little rascals for a new American Century…

    Wow! even threw in Sputnik… CEO Eisenhower would have been proud or rolling in his grave…not sure…

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