The Bondholders’ Blues

_____From the ‘Live Jive Stiftung Bunker Sessions”_____

By Joe the Crammed-Down-Subordinate-Debt-Portfolio Guy
(c) PVC Pipe Finishings Music Ltd. (2009).
Used with permission. All rights reserved. A Fidelity Investment Record.


Alternate single still in studio production (set to a more ‘kinetic’ three piece with obligatory chaos):

People try to put us down (talkin’ ’bout my renumeration)
Just because unions’ ll drown (talkin’ ’bout my renumeration)
Things they want are awful old (talkin’ ’bout my renumeration)
Hope I get out before it’s all sold (talkin’ ’bout my renumeration)

This is my renumeration baby
My renumeration

Why don’t you all c-c-c-crawl away (talkin’ ’bout my renumeration)
And fake the ‘bad’ GM will pay (talkin’ ’bout my renumeration)
Don’t care about your cities’ d-d-d-devastation (talkin’ ’bout my renumeraton)
I’m just grabbing for my renumeration

[repeat verse]

M-m-m-my renumeration . . . it’s my renumeration

[climax with throwing Chinese take out all over Weil Gotshal conference room]


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