1. DrLeoStrauss says

    Bemusing but not long surprising that the Jackson doctor verdict leads on newscasts rather than presidential politics and allegations of sexual assault. If Cain were any luckier the press conference would have occurred the day of the Kardashian divorce debacle.

  2. says

    Mitt Romney hearts fascist militia who cut crosses into the bodies of their victims! It’s Cannibals for McCain ’08 all over again.

    Appearing on Fox News two months after the attacks, Phares warned of the danger posed by Arabic-language news network Al Jazeera, telling Bill O’Reilly that “linguistically, the Arabic language is a very powerful one. It has a lot of codes. It could be used in a lethal way.”

    Phares obtained a fellowship at the conservative Foundation for Defense of Democracies and a teaching position at National Defense University. He became a trainer at the Center for Counterintelligence and Security Studies…

    Let’s tick ’em off – esoteric language, Fox, FDD, things “National” and especially NDU, dodgy police/intelligence “training”, Horowitz/Frontpage, Pammycakes Gellar. The signs are all there.

    Phares is in many ways the ideal Republican foreign policy adviser

    Indeed he is, indeed he is.

  3. jwb says

    This ad has gone completely viral on the left twittermachine, blogs, and among my leftist friends on Facebook. I can’t imagine that was its intended audience, but it does make me wonder whether it has gone viral on the right as well.

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