The Human Element Appears To Have Failed Here, But We’d Hate To Condemn An Entire Program Based On A Single Slip Up

Such a cornucopia of riches this week. Liz Cheney’s low budget web ad? When we saw our old friends David Rivkin and Lee Casey (they used to write everything as a threesome) organize conservative lawyers in opposition, we knew ‘it’s so on.’ Adding Starr was a nice touch.

Ex-Congressman Massa’s extemporaneous absurdities probably speak more truthfully about the disintegrating American political class. His informationally bulimic style was too much even for the double X chromosome chattering industry. And how often is it we get treated to their slack jawed silence?

Absent a truly galvanic development in the health care debate [sic], doubt we will write about it much more. It became a USA Network (Characters Matter!) remake of a Peruvian satire of a Fellini movie. Sure, we get juggling midgets and sobbing clowns mumbling about. Then the screaming between takes ‘What’s my motivation?’ To watch one more Administrative stooge blankly recite ‘The President’s Plan’ [sic] will reduce health insurance premiums for the majority of Americans’ is simply to watch the mirror image of Fox News’s pro-wrestling contrived narratives.

The whole world sees it. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Israelis, before slipping the shiv into Biden’s back, didn’t mutter ‘We got your reconciliation right here.’


  1. Comment says

    Conrad is a much better writer than those NR clowns. The whole anti Lowry opus is passive aggressive social and cultural resentment.

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Conrad seems to enjoy himself pricking Lowry and Ponnuru’s childish thought bubbles. But in a way it’s beneath him. Neither are even really bantamweights. Conrad’s main problem is American conservatism is militantly anti-intellectual. One can almost visualize him writing whole columns only to delete them, anticipating the dismissive editors and readers.

    Not to nitpick, but Conrad’s wrong about the ‘American military’ being efficient. The Marines most certainly. But the Army’s general institutional unevenness (that’s being kind) is obvious to all who will look. As for the Air Force, who wants to serve them up another dish of ‘Rapid Decisive Operations’ 7 years in? At least we are spared Warden explaining how ‘victory’ is simply a matter of precision munitions across echelons.

  3. Comment says

    ‘S African President Zuma has got to crack down on Mugabe’s tyrannical hold over Zimbabwe. The fact that it hasn’t happened is shameful.”
    ~Sally Quinn making suggestions via Twitter

  4. inquire says

    As you may have already seen, few could have said it better than the colonel:

    Joe! Joe! If you kiss their butts and say that they are we and we are they, then you have to expect to be treated like the servant that you are. Just today you snuggled up to them and told the world that there is no “space between Israel and the US.” They took you at your word, that’s all. You got what you asked for. pl

  5. Comment says

    The Massa debate is obviously more important than AfPak and Iraq combined – Just like “lipstick on a pig” remarks overshadowed the bailout debate.

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