The Long And Winding Road

Should it prove true that the crown prince emerges from South Carolina with sufficient momentum to capture the nomination, what is an Oppositionist to do? We certainly are staunch opponents of the current regime and its barely thwarted Christian socialist authoritarianism (embers remain and massive institutional damage inflicted nonetheless). We also truly support the netroots heroic efforts over the last few years fighting when no one else have the courage to do so.

Yet, the alternative presented — the crown prince — is absolutely without any meaningful experience (executive or even legislative) and has coasted on two things — he is black (but not a black American as commonly understood from the traditional civil rights activist progeny meaning) and he gives a good speech. Oh, and he says “change” alot.

Perhaps it is a paucity of alternatives against the Republican Easter Egg/Remember 911/Surge Forever crowd. The crown prince as vp to gain some more DC experience on HOW to exert change beyond CHANTING for it makes more sense to the Stiftung. That ticket is not possible anymore given the rancor among the candidates.

We can not roll the dice again after 2000 going with a blank slate and hoping for the best. Good intentions are meaningless unless competently executed and in fact if incompetently introduced a God send to the other side.

Absent something truly dramatic, this modest blog will pass on the crown prince. It will be interesting in the days ahead to touch base with some folks and see what their Republican focus group and polling data shows.