The Manichean Anti-Koniggratz

Of all the offensive things Neocons and their Likudnik partners in arms do, among the most blatant is their cynical pilfering of historic icons and memes to justify their covertly amoral (and clumsy) macht politik objectives.

We all mock their pornographic overuse of Churchill and Lincoln. That’s now so heavy-handed even the “checked out” South Park and Metalpocalypse generations snark it. Still, Neocons are not 10 feet tall in the AgitProp department. Neocon/Likudnik ‘inexplicable’ successes in 2007 largely a gift from philosophically bankrupt Democrats and remnants of the so-called foreign policy ‘Establishment’. Only now, vaguely, do they understand the malignant parasitic ideologies in the regime’s host. And that will remain with the host’s passing.

Democrats and Oppositionists fail and flail. Sputtering in frustration, not knowing why. In politics, empty inertia and the tactical almost always lose to the vigorous (or seemingly so), steering towards a philosophical objective. What must happen until this simple lesson is learned?

I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution

We are reminded of all this watching this week’s American, Israeli and Sunni AgitProp posturing over Iran. That Iran strikes are so prominent a topic today just another sign of Democrat ineptitude. Should an unreformed (i.e. rebuffing revitalization by the netroots or embracing other coherent, positive, purposeful philosophy) Democrat establishment gain power in 2008, we suspect there remain good chances it will be subjectively deemed a political ‘failure’ — especially if a ‘naive’ Obama.

One can envision now a philosophically inert (no matter how well intentioned) Democratic Administration bee stung, bewildered, set up, tripped and otherwise sabotaged within and without by the Warlord’s parasites. And shudder at the retributive response by the parasitic ‘Restoration’ successor. Perhaps an inept Democrat Administration in 2008 is the final necessary domino to fall, the unwitting key in the lock. So what better time to convene a national convention to re-open the Constitution, hey?

All of which brings to mind that old chestnut, “The 1866 Battle of Koniggratz”. Long story short? As we know, force is best used to support a specific war aim.

Bismarck is not a historical icon that you can expect to see name checked on Hannity radio, Tweety’s abomination, or especially over at AEI (the latter at least know the history). Bismarck’s an AgitProp manipulation too far for the American stooge audience. First, there’s the whole Prussian nobility and crushing of liberal democracy thing. No Jacobin he. Neocons know blunt emotions still are necessary for successful marketing to the American mass consciousness. Americans are not meme-primed. The few Americans familiar with the name likely would respond instinctively “Sink it!”. Finally, Neocons and Likudniks know that Bismarck reeks the stale, dusky odor of hated realism and Kissinger in the 1970s.

Yet, there is no denying that Bismark successfully used force and diplomacy to take Prussia from the sidelines to the throne of a new German Empire in an eye blink. Along the way, Prussia defeated first the Austrians at Koniggratz and then the French under Napoleon III in 1870 (actually capturing the French Emperor at Sedan). Did he plan all this in advance? Or take advantage of daily events as they showed themselves? Still assignments at the better schools’ undergraduate History 301 courses.

Prussian war objectives with Austria in 1866 could not be more clear and precise. Prussia needed Austria out of the way to secure its hegemony over the German principates. Prussia won the 1866 war at Koniggratz.

The kind of AgitProp in the air today is even more the anti-Koniggratz than 2002. With the facades all torn away by now, the essential nihilism of this regime shines through. Force for the empty release of Force.

We still remain non-plussed about the inevitability of the strikes in the Warlord’s last 15 months. Perhaps we over-estimate the American military’s (particularly Army and Marines) willingess to take a stand against their own immolation and seppuku. We naturally gave up hope on the State Department long ago under either General Jello or Cher Condi (although some bloggers were clever and smart enough to ride State Department connections to fame and fortune).

Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons is not a foregone formality. We do believe engagement is possible although it must now account for Iranian strategic victory post Iraq. (Recall the office of Iranian President is primarily ceremonial). Even so, as mentioned here elsewhere, we share General Abizaid’s recent statements that Persia is an ancient and proud Nation, and is not in the General’s phraseology “a suicide state”. With a return address. We are also confident that Abizaid speaks for many in the E Wing, in region and elsewhere. In fact, regarding the threat of Iranian proliferation diversion, Persian responsibility with nuclear weapons on its face already is far more stable than Pakistan’s record, with Khan, ISI jihadi infiltration/sympathies, etc.

Would Cheney, the Neocons and Likudniks prefer to ignite the region into a Manichean conflagration? Of course. Are they above manufacturing and staging ‘incidents’ to try and jump start a war? Of course not.

Notwithstanding the above, we still don’t see Iranian strikes happening, ceteris paribus today.