Passive Aggressive Rot Sets In

Obama’s troubles are ours now. We collectively identified Obama’s peculiarly militant brand of passive aggressiveness beginning in March 2009. Recall our frustration watching the Rightist initial fabrication of the Tea Party then go unchallenged. Or behold Obama’s White House spokesman joke in Summer 2010 they might even lose the House.

Seeing This Car Wreck In 2007

We could do little but share why the re-constituted Movement would quickly mutate into a demonstrably feral brand of anti-Enlightenment, anti-democratic emotive rejections. In the face of Obama and Democratic inaction, we argued ‘the fever’ would not quickly subside. Did we not — at the time in 2008-09 –declare Obama’s chief task to be seen doing one thing surpassingly well? To rebut Rightist narrative and restore faith in empirical government?

Even before his 2008 victory, Obama’s congenital “Goldilocks Syndrome” of compromise in the face of extremes was obvious. Didn’t we predict with scary accuracy how it would work?

Here’s our take from 2007 for new Readers. NPR’s “Spilled Bong Water” show assessed the Obama Campaign and his presidency like a seer.

NPR Spilled Bong Water on 2007 Obama Campaign

All of the above. It’s all here in the archives as it happened. From 2009 to the Democratic catastrophe in 2010 thru Clinton saving Obama in 2012. Even Washington pundits are catching on by November 2013, albeit applying wrong comparisons and misunderstanding the whys and how.

Obama, Goldilocks, Passive Aggressive
Maybe He Should Give Another Speech

We still prefer this White House, however much in disarray, than the febrile impulsiveness of Romney’s faux conservatism, etc. But we remember those who foisted outcome upon us as the only choice in the first place.


  1. Brian Miller says

    When you read about things like the Trans Pacific Partnership, two things come to mind:
    1. When it comes to things that are truly important to Obama (in his craven need to be “friends” with the 1%, then the Aggressive side comes out.
    See the Trans Pacific Partnership. What an awful awful piece of legislation.
    2. I sincerely believe that the United States is not “the” but certainly “a” primary focus for evil in the world today. I do not share your hope that we not get slapped down quite a bit. I am not naive about the virtues of other power centers in the world (China? Awful state), but…

  2. hidflect says

    And Hillary is the poster child for the continued anemic, war-loving, corporatist status quo of the recent (30 years) Democratic party. I don’t think she’ll win the primary. Too many people on the street corner have watched her staring back at the peons through the tinted limo glass.

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