The Politico Once Again Breaks News

The Movement has been waging total war against Poppy-Bush-type ‘conservatives’ since 2001. Savage revenge for being forced out in Reagan’s second term and put in the ice box during Poppy’s unhappy reign.

Rightist attack machines denounced McCain as Satan incarnate for 3 years after 2001. He quelled the *overt* loathing by selling his soul in 2004 and embracing the Warlord. But everything reported as new now. Why? Because the Movement’s SA street fighters provide fresh B Roll tape?

This story is old. Remember Tom Davis? Bang, bang. And so on. We say this having sat in DeLay’s office as they schemed how to screw Davis as a RINO. Same arguments today against Crist. The Virginia Republican Party castrated Davis finally by blocking his Senate bid to succeed John Warner. Crist? Effectively the same.

We’ve all talked about it together, you know — the GOP as mere depleted host for the Movement parasite. A thousand times. Didn’t we all here predict years ago the RNC would be irrelevant once its utility gone?

So The Politco titans discover now in late April 2010 — stop the presses — the Crist mau mau in Florida might signal intramural purging of deviationists by the masses. What was their 140 character Tweet? They know what they are doing. Boldly declare the decade old self evident political reality as breaking news for the self congratulatory Morning Joe nation. Then they can do a round table with Grover, Cheney stooge Cesar Conda and two or three other Movement agitators to offer ‘balanced commentary.’

The Politico offers bromides that Crist is an ‘insider’ and anti-Washington populism is his problem. They also cite Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Bob Bennett as proof ‘conservatives’ are unpopular. Yet consider how Rick Perry ran – clearly an insider. It was hate that made the real difference. Hutchinson, despite her penchant for allegedly abusing staff, is also willing to retain independent higher brain functions. Bennett may be conservative but he is extremely civil and willing to listen. He’s not leading Fascist Obama Oppression chants. And Crist, well the poor bastard gave Obama a slap on the back. None of them are really Movement in these militant times.

But just to recap: The Politico breaks the news that the conservative base is angry.


  1. Comment says

    re; Blankfein – we know a number of people who work or have worked at Goldman – all of them testify to Blankfein being very intelligent – That is not meant to be a compliment – but a description. Lots of bright people do wrong things. Nixon was bright.

  2. latte says

    funny coincidence/synchronicity thing: I just re-reading the wrong Archein link and popped out at me another PKD quote at the end. (You people are everywhere! cult or something…) I’ve still never read him, not sure why… read a lot of William Gibson’s stuff in years past.

  3. latte says

    oh what the hell:

    Summers another case in point.
    The local community ought to love the deeper analysis also; Bismarkian paradigmatic imports versus the corporatism/Hamiltonian schemes as template for much of the left/right wedge construction through the late 20th century… Indications for some post-post-modern Jeffersonian/Washingtonian (classical Liberal) system appropriate.

  4. latte says

    How is it exactly that Blankfein is ‘extremely bright’? In what sense? Like can-do-a-good-fraud/racketeering bright?
    One thing I’ve gotten from years now of reading this blog is just how many truly mediocre people make into the seemingly highest positions. One might almost suspect that mediocrity is prerequisite.
    As for Goldman, they do not run a particularly intelligent operation, and that could be said about Wall Street as a whole. If they did, the US economy wouldn’t be the joke that it is.
    What they do is actually just a slightly upscale version of the common graft/racketeering scheme. They are successful, make the vast sums you allude to, and then convince themselves that they constitute a higher order, a kind of natural aristocracy.

    I would recommend Jean Genet’s “The Balcony” and then a reconsideration of the Judge Judy reference, which was flippant I admit, but relevant and appropriate.

    Was the Philip K Dick reference an oblique comment of some kind? Could you elaborate?

  5. Comment says

    Blankfein is very bright – However, like many Wall St. dudes – not used to being questioned by people who make less than he can even imagine living on now.

  6. latte says

    When Carl Levin interrogating Blankfein, was he intentionally channeling Judge Judy? That stern poochy over-the-glasses look.

    This occurred to me…and then I realized the once-great empire is in the midst of something truly breathtaking and disgusting.

    Blankfein didn’t seem too smart really either, maybe channeling the hapless used-car salesman defendant out of Poughkeepsie. I feel cheated. I feel like the villain should at least be smart. Otherwise it reflects poorly on me, of the rube class.

  7. Comment says

    Martin’s reporting is poor – he mixes and matches things that should be analyzed separately – He is trying to create a narrative. The whole thing with Rand Paul has little in common with Crist. We suspect Martin probably knows this but chose to pretend otherwise.

  8. Comment says

    Indeed the complaint against Bennett is rooted in his style – We hope Obama pushes immigration if only to hear the squeaks and squeals.

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