The President Says On Afghanistan, ‘Let Me Be Clear’

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Fascinating to see Obama try to evade CENTCOM pressures by hiding behind the empty process of the farcical Afghan ‘elections’. One wishes it presaged the Administration’s rejection of McChrystal/Petreaus’ tragically doomed counter insurgency fairy tale.

Buying time is valuable. Gates, McChrystal, Petreaus and their allies act daily like time works against gaining presidential approval. Gates is demanding a decision now. Dealing with client states is always an art for a metropole regardless of circumstances. Here, there may be no historical parallel – a least nothing comes to mind. From the Ancient World to the present. Even the fatal absence of an actual client State as we’ve discussed just skims the surface of problems. And also as mentioned earlier, the U.S. governmental processes and domestic psyche are not configured for direct imperial rule in any event. With Afghanistan, what we are doing is shoving our hands down into the ultimate Ronco Americano-Matic ™ disposal while giving the on-off switch to dozens of tribal peoples who don’t speak Amerikhun or care.

It’s really that simple. And foolish.

The international community is committed to the charade of a national government in Kabul. We would be wise to keep our own less sanguine counsel. Becoming enmeshed with local process issues like election fraud, run offs, etc., can pull the U.S. into a quagmire just as thousands of new troops hitting Bagram tarmac. Regardless of intentions. In that, McChyrstal and Petreaus can take cynical comfort.

How tragic should Obama for tactical reasons embrace a non-existent, vaporous Afghan national government new Mayor of Kabul regime thinking to forestall CENTCOM yet find himself stumbling along sorrow’s path anyway. Intoxicated on its own bath water one can see how the Administration might invoke counter insurgency to save its completely non-existent ‘imaginary friend.’ All assuming that Obama will not default to his preferred Goldilocks Paradigm anyway.

At least Caligula could bring back sea shells after defeating Neptune.