The Revolution Will Be Televised But People Want More Jersey Shore

So far, the extraordinary anti-government protests in Egypt have drawn much more attention from the news media than from the American public.

Only about one-in-ten (11%) cite news about protests in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries as the story they followed most closely last week. By contrast, more than three times that number (38%) followed news about the aftermath of the Jan. 8 Arizona shooting rampage most closely last week, according to the latest News Interest Index survey conducted Jan. 27-30 among 1,007 adults.

Remember when Baker sold the Gulf War as being about ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’? The new Pew Survey indicates the Administration may have little recourse, soon.


  1. Comment says

    Ugh Oh – Wilkerson has a book coming out toooo – Says Rumsfeld is WRONG about Powell!
    Rumsfeld’s passive aggressive blaming of Powell : ‘Powell didn’t lie’ – is pretty funny.

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    MSNBC is like 50 year old men in the 1960s who tried to grow sideburns, bought bean bag chairs, and finally a Hi Fi. Hiring a video blog host for cabe tv reeks of that same frantic trend chasing.

    MSNBC started with Soledad O’Brien sitting next to the anchor and reading what some IRC chat room said – that was Microsoft’s vision of TV’s future. In 2009 Rick Sanchez and Olbermann read tweets.

    Maybe the future is Arianna’s model – everyone on cable will do it for free. Grateful for the 15 minutes.

  3. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Tweety is always behind the curve while marketing himself as cutting edge. The Jeb wave began sometime ago and is already suffering backlash.

  4. Comment says

    Now msnbs really is ridiculous – Cenk (not sure of his last name) is saying stayed tuned to find out what Sean Hannity is recommending foodwise.

  5. Comment says

    Tweety is pushing Jeb Bush – He claims he’s reporting movement to Jeb. Basically, he likes dynasties. Now he loves Clinton after trashing him for 12 years.

    Btw – Bill Keller is a joke.

  6. Comment says

    We only watched Current once and it was some show with some post college people claiming unconvincingly to speak on behalf of their entire generation –

  7. DrLeoStrauss says

    Current TV? Forgot it was even around. Although one suspects that the new Arianna 2.0 (‘You’ve Got Mail!) will find a way to prop him up as much as possible.

  8. Comment says

    Olberman’s show was sometimes ok – But it was mostly plagued by the same thing that plagues all the shows on that channel – Lots of yelling and Chicken McMacho insults and faux-rage designed to make their wealthy hosts seem like populists. Olberman seemed like a genuine misanthrope – his Oddball segment was heavy on film clips of people hurting themselves and/or causing embarrassment. He did this every day. But Olberman had within him some education and could be erudite when he had to be. Far smarter than Tweety – a man who watches Amadeus and then palms that off as him being knowledgeable about the Viennese music scene when he talks to young unaware media people.

  9. Comment says

    @anxiousmodernman Yeah – gotta stay clear of that channel esp on weekends w/ all prisons all the time. Bizarre – Even the hideous ads during the week for the upcoming incarceration porn grate on human sensibilities. It’s a fact that cable owners have a dim view of their own countrymen – Check out the vast gap in quality btw CNN International vs. the domestic channel. Btw, tweety is pretty classless w. his endless “balloon head” attacks against Bachman. Bachman is undeniably pretty and a mother of five – No doubt she is far right and a bit nuts, but since when has become acceptable for TV personalities to constantly insult women in public – on television. How would Matthews feel if someone said that about his daughter or his wife? Bill O’ says some mean things in fits of rage, but he never stoops so low as Matthews in his treatment of women.

  10. anxiousmodernman says

    I stopped watching Olbermann’s show on MSNBC when* he simultaneously started fawning over Obama and became obsessed with right wing media blowhards like Beck. Comments right, it is definitely demented.

    *late 2007? Every time I tried to give MSNBC a shot since then it was something annoying from Beck or one of those weird, pornographic shows about how depraved and violent our prisons are.

  11. Comment says

    Beck headed into Cafe Terminus when he went after Soros in the improper way – Instead of attacking Soros for being weak on drugs, weak on Amurika, and weak on Israel – he launched into a rant that seemed reversed engineered from Der Sturmer – It’s only a matter of time before he fades into being one of those kooks of alternative culture crankdom

    No doubt Tweety et al think he is Winchell etc – But Winchell had the ear of half of America. Beck is less important than Sportscenter.

    Btw – ESPN – even at its dumbest most meathead moments is now more wholesome and educational than 90 percent of cable news. Just as video games are prob superior to most schools.

  12. Comment says

    It’s not as if I think Beck and Bachman should never be covered – Maybe once every other week – As often as McCain appears on a Sunday show.

    But Beck/Bachman or Palin-type equivalent stuff is ALL they seem to show day in and day out. It’s just so annoying and they have this whole trend of showing annoying things, angry yells, etc.

  13. DrLeoStrauss says

    re Beck/MSNBC – agree. Sadder still that MSNBC pays more attention to him than Fox employees who long ago got bored with the circus and roll their eyes. MSNBC is the worst of all worlds, neither hard news nor effective AgitProp.

  14. Comment says

    Damm – no O’Donnell – All they talk about is Beck et al – They are Beck’s running dogs. It’s demented. Gotta stop watching.

  15. Comment says

    Chris Matthews won’t STFU about Glen Beck – Like many, we go out of our way to avoid watching Beck and so it is annoying to find him covered constantly on msnbc.

  16. Dr Leo Strauss says

    That’s one of that show’s most pernicious aspects – lazy conversation gets meme circulation in the news cycle which lost its immune system long ago. Can only watch for about 5 minutes before all the Q rating, media-coached schtick compels a quick channel hop.

  17. Dr Leo Strauss says

    A shame that the protestors didn’t get the memo and wait until Syria, Hezbollah and the Saudis ‘had been dealt with.”

  18. Comment says

    Joe S. on “Morning Joe” said all this Egypt stuff has something to do with Condi going to Egypt in 2005 to talk about Democracy.

    Which is funny – because the STSOZ quote machine reminds us that Michael Rubin said that “Condi Rice went to Egypt and failed to mention Democracy.”

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