The Sky Is Falling

Watching the bloated and ineffectual “Lion of Camelot” endorse the Crown Prince pretty much seals the deal from the Stiftung’s point of view. In passing we note:

(a) Kennedy’s lack of any real accomplishments over the many years except to stutter and mumble to Roger Mudd in 1980, or

(b) the alleged sustained “partying” with women and Chris Dodd upstairs at the famous Capitol Hill bar “The Monocle”; or

(c) the fact that in his atrocious K car convertible he careened around a corner at the Dirksen SOB and nearly killed the Stiftung back in the day;

Kennedy and Crown Prince are coeval. Putting aside Rightist paranoia, we saw much of the media — such as the “Situation Room’s” concierge — feverishly repeating “Camelot” and the Kennedy mystique. 2 weeks ago Kennedy likely would have had to fight his way past the producers to get 2 minutes with The Beard. So not a bad deal for all involved.

It’s also a perfect karmic comment that today is also witnessing an NRO satellite on uncontrolled re-entry. Back in 2003, when the shuttle crashed over Texas with an Israeli aboard, the Stiftung would mention to those who would listen that the Chinese long ago believed (and still do in many ways) that this was a sign that the regime no longer had a mandate from heaven. In this vein, the Kennedy endorsement similarly poses symbolic imagery if only we could just catch a “fleeting glimpse out of the corner of our eye”. Surely “Change” is today’s version of Ford’s hilariously whacky and useless buttons, “Whip Inflation Now” (WIN).

The final black spot to make our trifecta? The Warlord’s inevitably irrelevant swan song tonight. A pathetic Tattoo You on the whole sordid thing and perhaps 2008 overall.

None of this is meant to excuse any other campaign for bare political sucker punching — on either side. Thinking about the whole thing gives the Stiftung new empathy for Lloyd Bridges’ character and performance in the movie “Airplane!”