The Sky Is Falling

Watching the bloated and ineffectual “Lion of Camelot” endorse the Crown Prince pretty much seals the deal from the Stiftung’s point of view. In passing we note:

(a) Kennedy’s lack of any real accomplishments over the many years except to stutter and mumble to Roger Mudd in 1980, or

(b) the alleged sustained “partying” with women and Chris Dodd upstairs at the famous Capitol Hill bar “The Monocle”; or

(c) the fact that in his atrocious K car convertible he careened around a corner at the Dirksen SOB and nearly killed the Stiftung back in the day;

Kennedy and Crown Prince are coeval. Putting aside Rightist paranoia, we saw much of the media — such as the “Situation Room’s” concierge — feverishly repeating “Camelot” and the Kennedy mystique. 2 weeks ago Kennedy likely would have had to fight his way past the producers to get 2 minutes with The Beard. So not a bad deal for all involved.

It’s also a perfect karmic comment that today is also witnessing an NRO satellite on uncontrolled re-entry. Back in 2003, when the shuttle crashed over Texas with an Israeli aboard, the Stiftung would mention to those who would listen that the Chinese long ago believed (and still do in many ways) that this was a sign that the regime no longer had a mandate from heaven. In this vein, the Kennedy endorsement similarly poses symbolic imagery if only we could just catch a “fleeting glimpse out of the corner of our eye”. Surely “Change” is today’s version of Ford’s hilariously whacky and useless buttons, “Whip Inflation Now” (WIN).

The final black spot to make our trifecta? The Warlord’s inevitably irrelevant swan song tonight. A pathetic Tattoo You on the whole sordid thing and perhaps 2008 overall.

None of this is meant to excuse any other campaign for bare political sucker punching — on either side. Thinking about the whole thing gives the Stiftung new empathy for Lloyd Bridges’ character and performance in the movie “Airplane!”


  1. A Random Quote says

    “Oh no! Who is gonna make the pastries (laughs)?! – Do you really think the Taliban is afraid of …. Canadians?!?!? (laughs)”
    ~Joe Scarborough
    (Upon being told this moringing
    by Mika Brezinsky that Canada may
    withdrawl 2500 troops from
    the looming Afgan debacle.)

  2. Aldershot says

    Old McCain looked like a prize fighter tonight, all hunched up and delivering a steady steam of comebacks. I think Tweets has a point about Romney not being able to keep coming back verbally.

  3. Comment says

    Tweety is dishonestly hyping a fake snub that never was between Obama and HRC – He has alternated several times between saying Obama did snub HRC at the SOTU and then saying he did not. Anyway – Tweety knows that there was no snub and that can be proven because there is a larger photograph – a more accurate photo – that shows what this artificially croped photo hides. Anyway – supposedly Tweety has the larger photo – since its making the rounds – but he choses the misleading photo/
    This all so he can try to claim he is siding with Hillary on something. What a loser -.

  4. Comment says

    If we were on Tweety’s show we’d immediately object to his comparison of Barack to Mozart on ground that Mozart sticks to closely to classical form. Rather, he is more like Sibelius in that his oratory mixes in folk elements and there is a touch of Nordic egalitarianism running thru. Then when Tweety told us we don’t “get it” that the movie Amadeus set out to compare yada yada yada.
    Someone has to put a stop to his use of the movie – He has been getting away with bad Mozart analogies for more than a decade. He’s like a poor man’s Friedman.

  5. Comment says

    Russert offers Tweety a crock of Buffalo baked beans in exchange of Tweety wagering a Phily Cheese Steak if Barnicle can get the entire Manning family to chug some New England clam chowdah ..

  6. Comment says

    Matthews on Morning Joe is still flogging this bogus analogy that Obama is Mozart, while HRC is Salieri. Now this is Matthews alluding to that middlebrow Amadeus movie and Scarborough regards it as elitist. Anyway – this Amadeus movie has been used in all of Matthews books – Nixon was Salieri, JFK is Mozart. The whole thing is so atroocious.

  7. Comment says

    Rudy did have Jon Voight up on stage with him – Not really action, but. Re Pat – Yeah he definately wants conflict – In his new book he says America has never been more divided – a total absurdity, but this is coming from someone who thinks Jim Crow and Gen. Franco are two of the Founding Fathers.

  8. inquire says

    for all of you guessing about the fate of the Satellite – dubbed USA 193 – there has been much technical coverage summed in this slashdot article:

    Yes, it will be a much smaller debris field than the shuttle – the shuttle is covered in heat resistant tiles which allows it to penetrate the atmosphere. The failure of one or more of those tiles then caused the shuttle to break apart and explode from the inside out, not from uncontrolled descent as will occur with USA 193. As stated, this satellite, approximately the size of the Hubble Space Telescope, is the size of the Shuttle payload bay, not bigger than vehicle itself.

  9. Jon H says

    “So if the reports are true, it likely will leave a debris field far larger than the shuttle we just spoke of.”

    Nah. I heard the satellite was bus-sized, but the shuttle puts things that size in orbit pretty often. I doubt the satellite is bigger than Skylab.

  10. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    Pat so wishes he could find some kind of SA street clash to justify objectively his almost self parody. How deeply disappointed is to be a glass half full kind of guy when someone keeps refreshing the glass.

  11. Anon says

    Matthews will have to take a pass on this – It’s easy to imagine him turning to Pat during a commericial break and asking him why Anne Applebaum is permitted to discuss such things, but he, Tweety, is not. Then Pat tells him it is the way of the world in our declining

  12. Comment says

    Vergangenheitsbewältigung following Warlord’s regime will probably not set in until the next administration has left the seen.

  13. Comment says

    It seems the media has decided that Rudy will lose and soon bow out and they want to blame this on a boneheaded strategy of skipping all the early states.
    But the problem is that the headlines are filled all last year with stories about Rudy getting huge crowds in South Carolina and New Hampshire. Tweety especially bragged about how S. Carolina liked his urban “grit” and only snobs like Jill Zuckman didn’t “get it.”
    But Rudy’s decline in polls began almost exactly when he picked a nasty gratuitous fight with Ron Paul in the first debate and seem to lie and suggest he never heard that our oversea presence motivated the 9-11 terrorists. Even the neocons who cheered Rudy (and the supposed neocon hater Matthews who just worships authority) knew there was something bogus – contrived about that.
    Shortly after, much of the less elite media ran stories about Rudy’s campaign being chock-a-block with warmongers like NPod and Pipes etc.
    It affect his coverage in subtle hard to measure ways – The neocons were old and all the fake food fights they excelled at were not gaining traction. Ron Paul was helped a bit though.
    Anyway – the media does not want to throw away the 9-11 story, so they are trying to salvage parts of the narrative. – Wiping it clean of Kerik etc

  14. Comment says

    Interesting to hear Tweety refer to Teddy as a “Lion of Camelot” coming back to bestow something on Obama who he called Galahad or something – Just how much wrongness can he stuff into one phrase. He was probably confusing the movie about Henry and Eleanor – The lion in winter with mythical English history. We forget the whole quote, but it was inaccurate and weird

  15. Comment says

    We understand why Tweety has tried to change Rudy’s narrative by lying and saying Rudy never competed in NH (actually more visits than MCCain – 126). It’s part of his endless attempt as self-validation vicariously thru political candidates – He wants to ride pillion on parts of Rudy’s boomer narrative. He also wants to hop a ride on the Obama express – Notice he is parsing the 60s lately – trying to wedge Teddy and Obama into the “thin tie” early New Frontier and bracket them out of the scrufulous later 60s with its bracing honesty, hippies, good music, and Nixon apotheoisis.
    But we notice that other reporters who do not like Rudy have also decided to spout the false narrative – even though it is demonstrably false. Interesting we have also noticed that reporters have hailed some of Obama’s speeches that were actually poor – one’s that Obama probably felt he flubbed.
    St. John – is a genial warmonger, a war hero, and an iteresting character – But he’s no truth teller. But the narrative says he is. He’s not egregious for a pol, but he paints the lilly quite a bit.

  16. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    Tweety must be enraged that MSNBC’s teaser for Super Tuesday coverage (an ill conceived parody (homage?) to Godzilla movies) has Olbermann front and center with Tweety in the background peering over Olbermann’s shoulder.


  17. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    It wouldn’t be that big a surprise, especially a Turkish/Israeli axis. The ultimate distribution ‘ring’ may well prove larger yet. As we know here, information is currency, particularly on a superpower that careens into irrationality.

    Re Edmonds, her time again at the Bureau was scant. Still, the efficiency and culture issues resonate. The Bureau in its valuable yet resource constrained CI mission and the DoD aspect (which speaks for itself) may indeed give those and other nations the opportunity to seek good trading stuff.

    The folie a deux between the Old Guard national security establishment and the ideologues in the regime likely created even greater conflicts to be exploited. The echoes within echoes such as taking AIPAC and U.S. officials to task permeate still.

    Things will change soon. L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace!

  18. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    Aldershot, it is by some so-called leaked sources to be big – many tons. So if the reports are true, it likely will leave a debris field far larger than the shuttle we just spoke of. Not to mention the possibility of compromised technology.

    Perhaps the Warlord should add to his famous iPod:

    “Doncha know, doncha know that you are a shooting star, and all the world will love you just as long, as long as you are, a shooting star.”

  19. Dr.LeoStrauss says

    The entire charade was appalling in its vacuity. That the Duma dutifully stood and applauded at all the empty platitudes shows how post-Republic we really are. And that’s the joke. The empty suit doesn’t even know that, while the man behind just sits there grimly, knowing how close he came and how unfinished the work is at the final lap.

    Sadly, if there was to be a Boston Tea Party today, they would go the Starbucks filled with determination, notice the new Paul McCartney album on sale, listen to some Tori Amos over the speakers, and just sit down to sip their lattes. Later, they’d go to Costco and switch all the price tags on the Chinese stuff and post their exploit on NRO.

  20. Comment says

    Leo, you the audacity denier heard Gee Dubs bragg about rising test scores tonight – esp about minorities. Do you believe him? Do you believe the stats? Or are you sick of the bs – esp his “made in the USA” line tonight? A lie.

  21. Aldershot says

    I hate shuttle launches (and re-entries). By the way, how big is that falling spy satellite?

  22. Comment says

    “Our charge to keep” – Dubya’s watch phrase – We were never impressed with this – We always thought it was vague and fascistic in a Jonah Goldberg sense, if not a real sense.

  23. Comment says

    One more memory point – Do you recall ten years ago? We were mesmerized by Clinton – The whole Lewinsky thing had just exploded and Clinton gave his best SOTU of his term after the teleprompter broke. We were impressed and we recall Pat Buchanan on TV as we watched it saying that he would have been hiding under his dining room table but that Clinton seemed to be able to just “move on.”

  24. Comment says

    We recall that crash and the tremendous sadness about it. It’s surprising that it has sort of been forgetten abit. All those astronauts.

  25. Comment says

    Monocle? What about La Brassiere? As President Kennedy gets credit for saying (unfairly) “Life is unfair.”

  26. Anon says

    “Back in 2003, when the shuttle crashed over Texas with an Israeli aboard …”

    Ilan Ramon, if memory serves – We were abroad at the time and it was reported, true or not, that the crash took place over Palestine, Texas – But to avoid symbolism, they changed the name of the town – instead reporting where wreckage fell. This was big news in the mystical conspiratoralial Arab media. We never followed up on this to find out what was true or not.

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