1. Comment says

    Good case study in truthiness – In a dispute between General Jello Vs. Slick Willie – who should be trusted? Clinton would obviously lose among the DC insiders – but should he? Following Powell’s UN belly flop?

  2. Aldershot says

    “From a shadow fallen so low none could foresee its rise again in 2008, the Movement now is a confidently self-organizing dominant voice in our rootless, meme-soaked apolitical consciousness.”

    -Herr Doktor, 9/15/10

  3. A Random Quote says

    Olberman managed to screw up mocking O’Donnell’s Czar gaffe – comparing the press nickname “Czar” to Peter King’s actual last name being King.

  4. A Random Quote says

    I think I represent the proper integration of a complete human being.”
    ~Ayn Rand 1946

  5. Aldershot says

    “Oh, like you haven’t been thinking it.”

    Disgraceful. I would find some Rahm/Barack slash more believable.

  6. Comment says

    Tq lies – Henry V was not good enough itself to sell the Iraq war, so Adelman just changed some details of the play – This cheese ball just appalls.

  7. Comment says

    We are reminded how Adelman actually changes some details of the Bard’s plays when he wants to make a political point – When he was selling the Iraq cakewalk he relied on general ignorance and told audiences lies about what was in Henry Iv and V – so as to try to sell Dubya as Hal grown up/

  8. Comment says

    The people like Newt and the others who are hating on Moslems were the same people who were hating the French a few years ago = The Moslem thing will pass – People like Newt really seem to hate themselves and they just sort of project that inner turmoil. Babble and gibberish about Obama’s rage is just too stupid to take seriously.

  9. Comment says

    We think the GOP will fail to win the House and that will really hurt the morale. Whatever – if we are wrong, we think their boom-let will be short lived. The economy will pick up – The colossal weakening that took place over the last decade is only now expressing itself.

  10. rkka says

    Okay, so now itoccurs to ”em that powering rethuglicans os dangerous for the country.

    Truly pathetic

  11. Dr Leo Strauss says

    The Obama retinue pins their hopes on a Steiner-like offensive to pull victory from looming defeat:

    “We need to get out the message that it’s now really dangerous to re-empower the Republican Party,” said one Democratic strategist who has spoken with White House advisers but requested anonymity to discuss private strategy talks.

    How pathetically too little, too late. Had the Boy King been politically engaged from the beginning in 2009 along these lines when the tumor first manifested, such therapy stood a comparatively higher chance of success, economy or no.

    Now? We concur that given his crowd’s ineptitude, a fumbled effort likely will only metastize matters. Ala Newt in 1998 in reverse.

  12. Hunter says

    Yeah, ever since Big Dog’s appearance on the Daily (and especially the internet-only addendum)…

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