Thoughts From Afar

My Dearest Alinka,

Please wait just a bit longer. I know your heart is aflame with the same passions as mine. To think that we are this close to all our dreams! So all the more reason for patience.

I understand that Carla Bruni did not have to wait this long to have her man. But this Russia! We must set a precedent for those that follow. France by comparison already is decadent and just a small dot on a map. We will be building an empire! Please, darling, believe me, we will have a future. Has not everything transpired according to my design? The rebels are falling into a trap with this fully armed and operational — oh wait. What I mean from the heart is we must be patient. Truly, I love you. I will leave Lyudmilla. I promise. We just need to do it at the right time.

Thoughts From Afar

Did I not promise you that night in Sochi under the moon that I would put you in the Duma? Didn’t we enjoy the election with that special room prepared just for you? As I promised. More such excitements await us Dearest Alinka. Lyudmilla is threatening blackmail, yelling that she will reveal all to the warmongering Washington Weekly [Weekly Standard, ed.]. My agents in her circle of friends encourage this. That place is the ideal graveyard for any accusations about Russia or us. Lyudmilla never did understand these things. But we will let her go to Londonistan and see how she behaves. We must let this play out.

Are you enjoying the chaotic American political scene? This should be a lesson, Alinka. That young man you like so much? He reminds me of the reformers from the years of Oligarchy. Young. Earnest. And shield for the real distribution of wealth, resources and money. How many instant billionaires did those young reformers allow to appear? You may be too young to remember what those earnest young reformers allowed to happen to Russia and her greatness. I have spent so much time Alinka tracking those billionaires down and making them pay for what they did to the motherland.

The clique running the Americans now at least we could identify and predict. Under their leadership, we knew American influence dependably declined each passing day. With such a young, earnest reformer, who knows where the real power will shift? Or cut out from under him? He is weak. Do you see what I mean, Alinka? The unpredictable is to be avoided when we wield our power.

Compare how our Duma works with that quaint American notion of process. A hypocritical front for how the real hidden power is used. I have returned Russia to her truth path. Alinka, you must see that together, you and I are about power. Without facade. Power. When you learn to wear your power effortlessly, then truly my love you will be the next tsarina.

Your devoted Vlad

P.S. I agree with you that Pennsylvania should have been double digits for all the headlines. That’s American mainstream media for you.


  1. Aldershot says

    Oh, yeah, we forgot…the ships need to hang tough in storms and take battle damage. Our bad.

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Off topic, but regular readers here know that since the beginning of this blog, the Stiftung has reported on our observations of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program, Admiral Cebrowski’s commitment to the program, etc.

    All of which is to say none of this surprises us, we tried to warn people “who were close the project” as they say in Washington argot that the over eager and possibly ignorant (in the best, non-pejorative sense) embrace of COTS (commercial off the shelf technology) would offer potentially devastating consequences.

    Herewith, the ugly truth:

    Now back to Vlad’s paean to his two loves.

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