Tick, Tick, Tock It’s A Quarter To 3:00 AM, I’m Done, Tired Of Waiting For You, I’m Hung Up . . . Ring Ring Goes The Telephone*

Demotic absorption and bombardment . . .

Missing anything, really? We turn today from external geopolitics to the formless synaptic response by the American demos.

Our diagnosis is clear. As said by readers here recently, we know the pathology. ‘Facts’ are short, blurred and dissolve into mere ‘belief’. Overrun by a cacophony of orchestrated attacks on passive viewers’ self-esteem to galvanize passivity into consumptive action. All overseen by a largely amused (if disparate and unconnected) plutocracy or oligarchy, offering manufactured personalities literally responding to voices whispering in their head. Success is delivering maximum stimuli to the lower brain cortex through the optic nerve (auditory aspects secondary). The political and cultural implications can not be segregated from the commercial.

* See photo below

What then is the prognosis? To assume that such a shellshocked, fractured societal ‘culture’ and ‘memory’ can maintain itself even in a debased steady state is to ignore the inherently unstable nature of the host/parasitic apparat dynamic. Neither can ignore exogenous pressures outside this viscerally paralytic dissolution.

Madonna In Moscow

A Moscow wall before a concert

False binaries are the tools of AgitProp. With us or against us. Victory or destruction. And so on. We will tread carefully here. It does seem, however, that we do have two distinct paths, both of which have branches and permutations. Each path may present its own fractal implications — and you dear reader may have a more clear perception. While this seems mere word play, we do mean it as presented.

America Saves Itself?

One path away from the host’s dissolution into bipedal sludge (although still deceptively and actively twitching with consumer gusto) lies with demos writ large. By recovering its collective memory. Of its why and how. Societies and ecumenae have done it before. Usually by rediscovering past cultural, scientific and political achievements literally buried or forgotten. Or in the case of the Arabs, preserved in Spain to be a gift to the West (something not to be said today, of course).

Earlier historical efforts necessarily were top-down, i.e. social, religious and political elites promoted, tolerated or were overwhelmed by the exercise. We speak here of renewal from below. A self-generated and sustained impulse from ‘below’ requires a ‘force’ akin to a contemporary Williams Jennings Bryan. With 10,000 Crosses of Gold (some now on American Home Shopping Network). Today the need is beyond mere populism ala Huey Long. Nor is it about class differentian/junior high dialectics. But of an awakening.

There is hazy precedent. Perot 1992 effort ignited demotic overt nationalism, populism and disgust with elite incompetence. THe impulses tapped were not the awaking we spoke of. Yet opened the possibility to them. The campaign was fated to fail even before the candidate’s inherent quirks turned weird. (We were down in Texas in that orbit when Ed Rollins and Hamilton Jordan later had that memorable press conference). American political structure can not accommodate third parties (Ventura aside). An external shock is possible — ala 1854 and Perry’s Black Ships, etc. (and even that motivated top down reform). Gas prices? Not even close.

A second path is a demos unwilling to remember or reinvent its memory in favor of 3 Day Sales with no shipping (other restrictions may apply). Symbionts know such a host is only a temporary asset. Host depletion is inevitable. Now imagine Krauthammer-esque pretensions to global hegemony and all that nonsense on top.

An enlightened parasitic apparat might pursue some kind of static state — even if short lived — to maximize its preservation and some geopolitical sinew. Although we are not there yet, a symbiont might well welcome a Diolcletian, tempted, cajoled, required, embraced with demos’ decaying delirium. A Diocletian solution today may well be irrelevant; more trouble than it is worth. Plutocratic mobility is without precedent; money and assets know no geographic boundary or cultural loyalty. Leaving behind a rump bio mass. Remaining merely that.

Such an outcome is not dissimilar to the “Snow Crash” scenario. A president and government are irrelevant, marginalized, insignificant figureheads seeking publicity. Much like a Corey Haim. The rump bio mass is “run” by the only company everyone trusts — a CEO who guarantees pizzas will be delivered within 30 minutes or less. In 1992, a slyly comedic observation. Today?

Oddly, the Warlord’s failure cuts both ways. His slow motion fall shows that Imperial rule even with our chaotic mass memory at this time still can be transient. Those exogenous events we mentioned helped: Katrina, foreign policy blowback, etc. His failure rests largely on unvoiced but near universally shared contempt for incompetence. A competent Warlord? (Or more competently managed Warlord?)

To quote the president who refused to eat broccoli, one needs “the vision thing”. Can the Boy King find content behind empty Agit Prop sloganeering such as ‘change’ and ‘yes we can?’. Will that content be more of the top-down kind? Except with different ‘values’ ? Does anything really change at its fundamental level? How do his flock think his vision will arrest any of the above? A mere pallative? Or literally a way out of the symbiotic relationship’s zero sum cannibalism?

One thing we do know. McCain is no answer to any of this.