To Paraphrase Dean Wermer, ‘Lazy, Violent And Stupid Is No Way To Go Through Life’ (Let Alone Steal It From The Innocent)

Exterminate?  No, you misheard. I meant annihilate. Wait. Um.  Degrade?  Cripple?  OK, a stern talking to !

Ken Pollack Says It’s A Go !

Leon gets a scrub tomorrow . . .

P.S. Before the emails start coming, we do support Israel and understand Hamas’ culpability with the recent barrages. Our point all along especially during the 2006 aggression against Lebanon (which we said then constituted in our mind a war crime) is that a true friend of Israel and its security would counsel seeking a comprehensive peace and avoid the delusion that military might will offer even a mid term solution. Certainly so far Israel in this recent operation evinces no clear strategic plan, thinking or operational activity tied to even short term security needs.


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