Today Just Happens To Be September 11th

Beautiful day in D.C. For fleeting moments during what’s left of Spring these days and in the Fall D.C. rightfully can be called a beautiful city. Swamp-like humidity is gone. The three snowflakes that will send everyone into mindless panic months away in the future.

We’ve kept our tv sets turned off to avoid the pornographic replaying of footage from Those Events. Also ignoring the usual meme-peddling, click baiting ‘news’ sites (of all persuasions). Today we are keeping it simple. A peaceful and relaxed time to catch up with friends, enjoy and live. Our country and our lives as they used to be.

What better way to spend a September 11th. Join us, won’t you?


  1. Hunter says

    @Dr Leo Strauss
    Alternatively, perhaps those future academics will for the first time have a corpus of evidence sufficient to draw conclusions about such a complex process as our decline and fall… just sayin’…

  2. Comment says

    We are skeptical of the naming Boehner tactic – Not for the same CW reasons that Mark Halperin et al say – but because Boehner is somewhat of a maudlin sounding name and the people who say the word Boehner will sound maudlin. People do not really know the person and it will take some time to vilify him – but mostly we just think that people blame the messenger – so if they hear someone complaining about Boehner – they will not abstract the content of the complaint, but just associate the person speaking about Boehner with the unhappy content of what they are saying – Btw, we think Pelosi will remain Speaker.

  3. Dr Leo Strauss says

    One has to pity future historians who will wade through all this inane crap (Kurtz, Twitter, the whole shebang). To try to understand and explain why America committed suicide con gusto. Perhaps that’s our revenge on the Chinese and Indian academics of the future.

  4. Comment says

    DC is truly great in the fall – Also – we did benefit from from genuine snowstorms a few times w/ in Georgetown.

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