Tweets That Moved A Nation

Send Twitter, iPods and YouTube, The Sh*t Has Hit The Fan

Developments are moving faster than bloviators. Mercifully. Even the usual Neocon self serving hypocrisy stumbles over itself in daily revisionism. (How does Dan Senor even show his face in public?)

We think Obama has it about right. The office of the presidency is largely ceremonial and not in the chain of command. There is little in his record to suggest Moussavi would be any less intractable re nukes, Israel or regional imperialism.

We know less about Iranian affairs than the Neocons. So if a reader has a different and more informed pov by all means please share.

And then there is this gem from Freedom Fighter Pete Hoekstra

Stupid is as stupid does

Who knew Pete Hoekstra himself would become a meme?