Uh, Wow, We Guess, Sorta

Back in earlier years, a presidential campaign was in total disarray. Complete and total confusion. Such that two arch members of what later would become the VRWC were able to take charge of an event of a major city, organize the motorcade (who got priority in what cars) and stage the major photographic event of the campaign in that city. We even ensured the risers were set up properly for the television (local coverage over national for the primary) and where print got to sit (towards the back) and where photographers got to sit.

For our efforts we were put in a 5 star hotel of national fame, room service, the works. We even invited other fellow future members of the VRWC to come visit the generosity (the suite was not actually paid for by the campaign for technical reasons).

When the candidate (whom we liked personally a great deal — and no, not from Arkansas) was on the plane, the candidate directly asked if me my VRWC friend would join the campaign full time. Right then there, sit on the plane and follow them as staff. We even got enthusiastic support from others around the candidate. It was surreal.

It was also, to this day, we believe an honest effort. We gave our best professional assistance which was directly appreciated by the candidate and staff. We could not, however, in good faith continue because it would require dishonesty and calculation unwarranted in a presidential campaign. How we helped and set up this event remains one our most pleasant and positive memories of participatory, open (as opposed the Warlord’s loyalty tests) democracy. As it should be and was, to an extent, before the recent Darkness.

So why the preamble? The tiresome Huffpo (has she had work done? Just an aside question based on a tv appearance. Sometimes the makeup staff either deliberately or in haste do not do justice to the natural appearance of those on a show) blows up that the Crown Prince is drawing large crowds. So what.

Recall the size of the crowds Bill Clinton was able to summon for Kerry after his surgery. Meant squat. They dwarfed the Crown Prince’s in certain cities. And back to the earlier candidate. Even before the final vote tally, he too was able to summon large and enthusiastic crowds. Again, squat.

Call us impressed. Even at the coronation. We’ll see where he is in November. That’s all that matters.