Uncle Pat Sings The Same Old Song

The Drudge Report is hyping Uncle Pat’s latest Spenglerian opus, “End Of An Era: When MTV Began To Play Michael Jackson,” or some such. According to the Drudge summary, it looks like Pat went back to his studio with his producer with one goal: to recapture the punch and power from his halcyon days. Some chapters, like Crisis of the Catholic Church, are particularly riff heavy, recalling the pyrotechnics of his epic Houston 1992 stage show. Perhaps it’s akin to his last will and testament to posterity?

Nothing new here for veteran Pat watchers. We’ll do the obligatory cut and paste to China to put his now familiar Volkish concerns in context.

With over $1 trillion spent last year on new construction projects, up to 48 billion yuan ($7.5 billion, 5.5 euros) spent annually on concept designs and a skyscraper popping up every three days in China, the amount of opportunities for foreign architects are, as one architect put it, beyond comprehension. “In this time of the world, China is the only place that you can work on so many projects. And these projects are usually ridiculously big, which are unimaginable in other places like New York or London,” says Casey McSweeney, an American architect at Graft, an international design studio with offices in Beijing, Berlin and Los Angeles. As China gets comfortable in its new spot as the world’s second biggest economy, overtaking Japan, it has also become one of the world’s most prolific builders.

In the next 50 years, according to calculations by the Financial Times, over 76 percent of China will be urbanized, which will create a major construction market for foreign and domestic architects as well as construction companies

The scale of all this can’t possibly be captured by Uncle Pat’s paranoia. Still, China is not immune from global economic collapse. Their exports continue to decline and most in Beijing believe the worst is yet to come. Asia’s economic growth is forecast to average 6.3 percent in 2011, rising to 6.7 percent in 2012. That’s lower than the IMF’s April forecast of nearly 7 percent in both years. Astounding rates in any event, especially with a moribund U.S.

Given that Pat’s primary concern is the lack of Western fetuses, does he really expect his dream outcome of a Franco-Catholic New America to churn out babies on the necessary scale? And how precisely did the heathen, yellow Chinese pop put those billion job creators without the Baby Jesus and the Vatican? If the correlation is Christianity, what about Japan’s shrinking population? Were they covert Catholics in the past? American decadence under occupation do them in?

There were over 15 million deaths and 20 million wounded during World War I. Was insufficient Christianity to blame? What about the Thirty Years War? How many millions in Europe died precisely because of Christianity? Then there’s the 50 million European dead in World War II. Western civil wars took their toll. You, Dear Reader, might ask if Pat deals with abundant socio-demographic research on affluence’s impact on family size.

Pat’s focus on Catholicism here makes double sense, of course: (a) authoritarian and hierarchical socio-political systems and; (b) the womb as a public good. But that’s just the dust jacket stuff. Dig deeper, because Pat excoriates devout Catholics if they happen to be brown, yellow or black; all code for a white’s only club. All made odd because Pat’s previous book defended a genocidal regime hostile Christianity and rife in various leading elements with paganism, the occult or in the case of the Corporal, a desire to create an entirely new secular religion to replace Christianity all together. (But they did make women bearing multiple, white, healthy children a State priority).

Why devote a post? Mostly nostalgia. We remember the old days in the 1980s when Pat truly was the gifted voice of the unhinged, unreason and the irrational. When on TV he would slide in his insidious revisionisms and be roped in by the Jesuit-trained John McLaughlin (if the dog whistle was too loud). Now, of course . . . .


  1. DrLeoStrauss says

    Caught a late replay of Erin Burnett/Pat Buchanan sit down. It’s tragic that Pat is allowed to bemoan the divisive nature of American political dialogue and the ‘us versus them mentality now which we did have before’. Given that she was barely a zygote when Ford pardoned Nixon, she has no real, living memory of Pat’s responsibility.

    That’s one problem of the cable channels’ wholesale embrace of the photogenic young. History begins with season 2 of ‘Friends’.

  2. Comment says

    Uncle Pat is an admitted defender of slave state rebellion. Is he a “nationalist?” Not really.

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