Unexpected Rasputitsa

These are from our trek along the C&O Canal in the Imperial City. A pleasantly balmy day around 50. Between bail out banality and today’s annual sacrificial rites before our Consumption God (why Mammon hast thou credit forsaken us?) one benefits from a medicinal walk.

Mercifully, Eric Cantor et al. have yet to bully Democrats into selling naming rights to the various locks. Truly a beautiful and all too brief respite – temperatures to drop again. More tomorrow.

An Early Rasputitsa

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A Long Hard Slog


  1. DrLeoStrauss says

    Zinni is still ticked getting hung aout to dry by Biden and the Administration over his non-ambassadorship.

    We know it’s been a couple of days but this Stimulus huff and puff is at the end not all that interesting.

  2. Comment says

    We think Obama will neutralize/co-opt/compromise Petreus (“We shall tell our children ‘There goes Petreus’ – For we are Petreii” – (W Bennett) by then.

    Petreus also has some of the same political skill limitations of Wes Clark. Also, both are resented by jealous colleagues for being conspicuously intelligent and for being comfortable among bookish liberals.

    Recall the Powell boomlet? Then the Zinni mini boom (which fizzled b/c Mid East stuff)

  3. DrLeoStrauss says

    A wonder indeed. Yesterday, we huddled with some Dead Enders. They were already moving past Palin and talking up Petreus 2012. His coming would restore the old Fantasies.

  4. Dr Leo Strauss says

    One hopes the rebranded TARP plan from Obama will have some teeth. We’ll see.

    Wanted to put something up today. Daschle’s withdrawal was such a stunner. It caught one completely by surprise. The sun dimmed. One lost all bearings. Feeling the pangs of loss, the Stiftung was bereft of will except to mourn the passing of such a giant. Listless, so listless . . .

  5. Comment says

    CNBC whiners are at it again today – purposely changing Obama’s factual statement “there will be a time for profits,” into ‘banks shouldn’t be allowed to earn profits.’

    It went on an on all day – all a lie, just like the lying they did before iraq. Why? Why do Kudlow and Neal have this compulsion?

    The banks are all welfare recipients – far more loathsome than the mink-clad Welfare Queens that they fantasize running the ghetto.

    We’ll grant Jamie Dimon the status of a good banker, but who the f+++ does he think he is describing bankers as an aggreived group – like a minority group.

    Even George Will thinks people who take Tarp money should be limited to GS-15 pay.

    That would be awesome – They would all freak.

  6. Anon says

    Great pics – Anon always loved the canal. Arizon’s L Fitzgerald just scored a touchdown. But the game was over in the 1st half – this is just some false-hope, like a McCain surge in October.

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