1. Aldershot says

    Is Bill O’Reilly the Woody Hayes of punditry? He makes Tweety look like a choir boy.

  2. Comment says

    It’s interesting to read the Corner – Jonah is just finished his lengthy research into the deep nature of fascism within liberalism (come to think of it – Kucinic gets kinda scary when he discusses infrastructure projects) but he cannot muster the wit to figure out that Joe Kennedy advertises on Fox Sunday precisely to provoke Jonah and ilk.

  3. Aldershot says

    Doc, is this some sort of Rorschach test wherein we superimpose our angst onto the black screen?

    Wait a minute…I’m getting something…

  4. Comment says

    We think many of the liberal writers are misinterpreting the NY Times Kristol hire. They seem to think it was some sort of defensive reaction. We tend to think that Kristol is at home on the op-ed page for WaPo or NY Times.

    The Times mgmt. is not stupid – They know that Gail Collins does not really add value to the liberal cause. They know MoDo’s schtick is getting to be a parody of itself. They know all this.

  5. Comment says

    Jack Cafferty is quoting that Noonan column and we have to say we agree with him when he highlights Noonan’s soft-demolition line. We do tip our hat to Peggy for that – HRC as falling building was too high concept for Tweety.

    Btw – Will Tweety spittle that McCain was REJECTED by 88 percent of heartland Iowa voters?

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