We Are Going To Pay The Bill, Mr. President

Hope and change apparently don’t alter a White House script responding to national calamities. The Boy King’s slightly tardy speech on the almost incomprehensible environmental catastrophe had the slight whiff of 2005 about it. True, he didn’t goof with a guitar player beforehand seemingly oblivious. And he wisely avoided bestowing accolades on Napolitano’s performance.

But neither is he willing to confront the consequences of his own venal catering to the ‘Drill Baby, Drill’ contingent. He and he alone exposes a major slice of the Atlantic seaboard to a similar catastrophe. None of his surrogates would touch that decision today on the gab-fests with a ten foot pole. Or the even more unthinkable – what their ‘Build Baby, Build’ enthusiasm might mean – a nuclear meltdown like Chernobyl.

Obama lacks the will to do the sane and responsible thing: inform the American people that we all must consume less energy and change our very lifestyles, not empower industrial interests to feed the bloated American addict with dubious techniques. Sure, we can’t keep shipping a billion a day to the Middle East (in addition to our military boondoggle). But outsourcing to China is of equal lethality. Unpleasant realities. Obama is clearly mindful of the Peanut Farmer’s crash and burn with truth telling. So we get from the Speechmaker In Chief ‘BP will pay’. Just like the Administration surely spanked Wall Street.

It’s no surprise the Administration’s priority now is immigration reform rather than energy policy. Arizona is a political Godsend notwithstanding the federal government’s failure to enforce border security under any president. Obama’s been in office long enough that we can see who he is. We wonder if it’s not time to think about giving the Boy King a primary challenge. From someone who knows the difference between Bush Lite and real change.


  1. Comment says

    Another unintentionally funny Olberman promo has him saying his show is to “illuminate” and “bring light, not heat” to the pressing issues of the day – It’s the kind of smarmy and unctuous thing Moyers would say with some plausibility – but totally absurd with olberman.

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @Comment Saw that and then watched the *awkward* hand off to Maddow resurrecting the bit.

    Olbermann’s promos on MSNBC running over the weekend are oddly defensive compared to Tweety’s, Maddows, etc. Some focus groups must have led MSNBC to have him explain his ‘worst person in the world’ isn’t literally true but just aww shucks fun.

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    Just turned on Olberman – It’s been a while – Amazing how bad his show is – complete with dick jokes etc. Just a terrible show – Olberman is that rare thing – a left winger with a frat/jock meathead mentality.

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    Funny when we heard Tweety squeaking about Parliament, we never really gave it thought – because it just seemed like his way of bargaining. Pelosi makes him nervous.

    • Dr Leo Strauss says

      The ‘hung’ Parliament is a priceless refutation of all of Tweety’s gushing over decisive, winner-take-all efficiency trumping the inconvenience of minority rights. His effusive embrace of Jim Kramer only slightly less noxious.

  5. Comment says

    “His [Hitler] WHOLE life’s dream was an alliance with Great Britain.”
    ~Pat Buchanan

  6. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @ Comment, great Onion video all around, thanks. Tweety is in rare form tonight, continuing to redefine himself falsely as a man of the so-called Left. Then without blinking he argues and that our constitutional representative republic should be abandoned for the quick clarity and decisiveness of Bushism British parliamentary government. THAT is the essence of Matthews, strength, a winner, decisiveness, power and clarity without pesky minority politics.

    Lloyd Cutler, of course, made the same argument about an American parliamentary government with far more erudition – if still flawed – on political science and legal ground in the late 1980s. It’s absolutely perfect that Matthews still feels a general insecurity around and need for reflected approval from the *British* Establishment.

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    Both Tweety and Modo are making career calculations – but there is a real psychological train wreck with both of them vis-a-vis Obama – because Obama is pursuing a rather moderate agenda, but his externals have taught Modo and Tweety to think LIBERAL. Whatever – who the eff knows what makes them tick. It’s this complicate mix of insiderism and Catholic mythos and the 60s and regrets etc.

  8. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Comment :

    Haha – Tweety is now mocking Dubya for “prancing” on the deck of an aircraft carrier – something he was swooning over when it actually happened. Guess he is trying for ratings niche.


    Yes, that did stand out. He’s trying to erase his servile prostration before the ‘Tough Guy Swells’ whose approval he craved. Remember his revisionism began in September 2006 with a jarring move Left. Seeing the Dems about to take the Hill he suddenly was always anti-Neocon, anti-war. Then he erased his disturbing Man Crush on McCain. Now he’s a liberal democrat again. Why, he was a regular Phil Donahue. And almost all the Democrat and so-called liberal elites go along.

    One reason the Right is not wholly unjustified holding the Democrats and so-called ‘Left’ in contempt: such brazen careerism merits only a tut-tut at Daily Kos or Atrios. Although callow Maddow had the temerity to say on MSNBC air ‘he [Tweety] may be a Democrat but I don’t consider him a liberal.’ Her numbers may surpass his by now as well.

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    Haha – Tweety is now mocking Dubya for “prancing” on the deck of an aircraft carrier – something he was swooning over when it actually happened. Guess he is trying for ratings niche.

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    OT – Paul Wolfowitz on c-span now trying to overwrite his recent past by talking about the Greek debt – The Greeks will not really take heed of anything Circus Lupus says because they see him as an enemy who tried to obstruct their EU entry and did Turkey’s bidding re Cyprus when working for Pres who was ignorant of the larger issues.

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