We Are Going To Pay The Bill, Mr. President

Hope and change apparently don’t alter a White House script responding to national calamities. The Boy King’s slightly tardy speech on the almost incomprehensible environmental catastrophe had the slight whiff of 2005 about it. True, he didn’t goof with a guitar player beforehand seemingly oblivious. And he wisely avoided bestowing accolades on Napolitano’s performance.

But neither is he willing to confront the consequences of his own venal catering to the ‘Drill Baby, Drill’ contingent. He and he alone exposes a major slice of the Atlantic seaboard to a similar catastrophe. None of his surrogates would touch that decision today on the gab-fests with a ten foot pole. Or the even more unthinkable – what their ‘Build Baby, Build’ enthusiasm might mean – a nuclear meltdown like Chernobyl.

Obama lacks the will to do the sane and responsible thing: inform the American people that we all must consume less energy and change our very lifestyles, not empower industrial interests to feed the bloated American addict with dubious techniques. Sure, we can’t keep shipping a billion a day to the Middle East (in addition to our military boondoggle). But outsourcing to China is of equal lethality. Unpleasant realities. Obama is clearly mindful of the Peanut Farmer’s crash and burn with truth telling. So we get from the Speechmaker In Chief ‘BP will pay’. Just like the Administration surely spanked Wall Street.

It’s no surprise the Administration’s priority now is immigration reform rather than energy policy. Arizona is a political Godsend notwithstanding the federal government’s failure to enforce border security under any president. Obama’s been in office long enough that we can see who he is. We wonder if it’s not time to think about giving the Boy King a primary challenge. From someone who knows the difference between Bush Lite and real change.