‘We don’t leave people behind on the battlefield, Mr. President.’

"We don't leave people behind who might incriminate me!'

Many weird things in Time’s recycling of reporting already out re Cheney’s effort to secure Scooter’s pardon. A 5-time draft dodger presses the case to another draft dodger invoking the tribal brotherhood of men in combat under fire? To the extent these stories further wound, infuriate and embitter members of the Warlord’s regime against each other, say on (but we will tune out). It’s a joy to see pillocks go after each other.


  1. Anon says

    lol… I loved how he dug in and refused the pardon.

    Ya is laughable how the guys at Time go to great lengths to to make Bush’s decisions based on principle, not because he is an ornery POS. And try to make Cheney noble, not just pissed that he didn’t get his way and the next bureaucrat he gets on his staff might not go so far to the dark side, lest he gets blamed for Cheney’s shenanigans.

    From my armchair I think Bush did it mainly to show Cheney that he was “the decider”, not Cheney and also because he blames Cheney for many of the failures of his reign. Like all GOPtards GW always blames someone else for his missteps. He must be really mad at the low poll numbers and the ostracism he was relegated in his last days, and took it out on Cheney’s buddy. ROFL

    I do wonder if Libby would have sung like a canary, had he been made to complete his 2 year jail sentence. I think yes, and that is why Cheney pushed so hard for it to be revoked.

  2. Comment says

    yes – it was a nice story, but some of it seems to be dictated bt Andy Card with Bush looking on and checking the spelling.

    The idea of Bush mulling “Did Scooter lie” is laughable — He probably maintained deniable status, but he obviously knew Cheney has Scooter and others kneecap Joe Wilson via Plame.

    Much else was odd – Bush musing on pardons – Maybe a Freudian angle – his Dad pardoned some that still dumped on his Dad,

    Cheney the draft dodger with his tough talk – ridiculous

    Cheney failed out of Yale twice – after getting in w. bad sat scored and bad grades. Pat Buchanan would have loved if Sonia had Cheney’s record.

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