We Forgive You . . . This Time. For The Moment.

Ok? No more to be said. Nothing to see. It’s all over now. That’s it, keep it moving.


  1. A Random Quote says

    “He was fond of war and low company: — we know little else of him. He was careless, dissolute, and ambitious; — idle, or doing mischief. In private, he seemed to have no idea of the common decencies of life, which he subjected to a kind of regal licence; in public affairs, he seemed to have no idea of any rule of right or wrong, but brute force, glossed over with a little religious hypocrisy and archiepiscopal advice. . . . Henry, because he did not know how to govern his own kingdom, determined to make war upon his neighbours. Because his own title to the crown was doubtful, he laid claim to that of France. Because he did not know how to exercise the enormous power, which had just dropped into his hands, to any one good purpose, he immediately undertook (a cheap and obvious resource of sovereignty) to do all the mischief he could.”
    ~Henry Hazlitt
    On Henry V – Confirming Tweety ironically

  2. A Random Quote says

    “In Bush [George W.], the country discovered it had a young leader rising to the occassion, an easy going Prince Hal, transformed by instinct and circumstance into a warrior King Henry.”
    ~Chris Matthews (2002)

  3. Dr Leo Strauss says

    We agree that Dr. Hadar elevates Huffpost. A platform that exposes his expertise, humor and astounding track record for accuracy on things Middle East is welcome. We have several friends and ‘frenemies’ who post there. His presence raises the bar. Besides, he really is very funny.

  4. Comment says

    Leon Hadar’s honorificabilitudinitatibus is maintained by being the most intelligent writer on HuffPo by far.

  5. Comment says

    How about compromise – not marginal left – your Critical Theory point holds – But generally – most people that we know in the prius set are well to the left of the most liberal members of Congress. Truly, they do allign with Dems, but their heart is barely to the right of Amy Goodman or nader.

  6. DBake says

    “They are on the marginal left and are joined by the anger on the right, albeit for different reasons.”

    Hmmm… no. The prius-driving set would tend to be center-left, for sure. Consumers with conscience, not attackers of consumerism. As I said, these are the earnest, self-satisfied type. Maybe supported Dean. But maybe preferred Edwards. Likely supported Obama in the last primary.
    Marginal left tends to be found in Critical Theory departments, and for better or worse I don’t know those people.
    Standard irritation has not been about policy. It’s that a man in office for 9 months without any major accomplishments to date was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

  7. Comment says

    In other words – it is a gift the anti Obama movement, but it will blow up in their face because it well enourage the worst unelectable elements – Less than 1/3 of the electorate – Right now Obama has no meaningfull opposition – Those at town halls who squeak and gibber do not oppose Obama’s policies – They only think they do – Most are stuffed to gills with disinformation and cheap sound bites carefully spooned to them by monied interest.
    Obama (Sheriff Bart) will have to help the residents of “Rock Ridge” (town hall tea party ) against their own will, for a time. Time will change some minds.
    Speaking of death panels – 44k die every year because they lack insurance or have bad insurance – This kind of crime affects many of the town hallers who have been manipulated to think otherwise

  8. Comment says

    That being said – – we do think the committee may be using the award to try to box Obama in – or point him in a direction they like — But box in implies Obama does not wanna go there anyway. The NPP would like to see Obama press hard on the Mid East question and they really would like to sort of step aside and let Obama do for them what they cannot do. There is much fear among Obama opponents worldwide that he will actually follow up on US policy in the region and use this award as currency. But so what? Again – hatred of foreigners – esp elite foreigners – is a reality and it really makes media types skittish since they are so far removed from the ordinary folks in the Imperial city – But this is not enough to make a majority and it peels off coastal moderates – Obama does not mind enraging the enragable – Those people cannot even edmit Obama was born in the US, so they are somewhat irrational anyway and they are mostly the Republicans problem – fast forward to next general election when all the GOP candidates have to dance around the birthers and Beck-ites etc.
    Bottom line – Obama has never been boxed in and many have tried – Rather, he is an opportunist in the best sense –

  9. Comment says

    DBake – the thoughts of your prius colleagues confirms our pleased attitude toward the award – They are on the marginal left and are joined by the anger on the right, albeit for different reasons.
    Notice the objections to the prize – Hamas, Taliban, Limbaugh, Mullah Omar, Hannity, and now anonymous eaters of vegitarian lasagna at universities.
    Obama’s persona has helped to craft a new center – There are many other past winners who won on the basis of sentiment.
    Like we said earlier – the squalor of Bush and Cheney created a stop-banging-head-against the wall joy when Obama got elected.

    Besides – anything the further encourages Republicans to continue their knee jerk hatred of educated foreigners and Europeans is a good thing – It creates an odium that feeds on itself – a further Hannitization of the party that will accelerate – The embrace of stupidity and ignorance and torture etc furthers the decline. The hatred of compliments from foreigners – the peevish opposition to all things good and the love of things bad

  10. Tbilisi says

    DBake: my read from here in Northern Yurp is that this was either:

    a) an ignorant hamfisted Machiavellian attempt to box Obama into being the peace-loving change maker he claims to be (oblivious of the fact that maybe he actually isn’t and never was intending to be), or

    b) an ignorant hamfisted Machiavellian attempt to ‘help’ Obama against his domestic political opponents (oblivious of the fact the most Americans are not as taken by Scandinavian superiority as the Scandinavians and this is a perfect gift to the anti-Obama movement.

    Obama should have turned the prize down. But then again, he also should have not reasserted the executive’s ‘right’ to imprison people without trial.

  11. DBake says

    Does Stiftung have any thoughts on what the committee was even aiming at? Even in academia-land I know no one who’s reacted with anything but snark, and I mean we’re talking about the earnest but self-satisfied prius-driving, all-things-considered-listening, used-to-buy-organic but moved to locally-grown, center-left set. Everyone seems to think that the decision was aiming to manipulate something, but in such a ham-fisted way that it’s hard to see what outcome they thought they might get. I can’t imagine this will do anything but inspire (righteous) mockery from the Republicans.

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