Well, That Settles It All, Right?

Hold Still For Your Inauguration

Samantha Power, a senior foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama, was born in Ireland, won a Pulitzer prize for her book on genocide and has played basketball with George Clooney. She is keen to preserve the special relationship with Britain and says that, contrary to reports, Gordon Brown didn’t snub Obama. With her long, straight auburn hair, blue eyes and freckles, Samantha Power looks as though she has stepped out of a photograph of the Kennedy clan. She was born in Ireland, lives in Massachusetts and shares the admiration of America’s royal family for the candidate they regard as the new JFK. I wonder: could she be a relation of Caroline Kennedy from the wrong side of the blanket?

Can’t make it up. Naturally, MoDo comes at it from her typical chromosomic obsession; subliminally telegraphing why she can never get a second date. Nonetheless, both have good points, even if inadvertently. Opposing the Warlord and Cheney’s madness does not mean American interests are be secure by muddled headed Dupont Circle sushi bar thinking. It really is time for the Crown Prince to step forth, put out his foreign policy team, put out the template of his strategic vision besides Iraq, and see if he understands Power. And not just the power of a good speech, a fierce wife and Joe Klein swooning. Or simply doing the 180 degree opposite of whatever Kristol and those clowns (war criminals? we think so) bloviate. What does the Crown Prince believe is the proper use of American Power in the world besides bromides of “doing good” or “bringing people together”. What architecture is needed — political, economic, military, soft power — not just for the Middle East but the Pacific Rim and the neglected Latin America. Can the boy wonder set forth this critical information anytime soon?

We don’t hold out much hope. And sadly, the American people may not even demand it. As long as he keeps everyone hoping for change. Pathetic as the Warlord in its own empty way.