When He’s Right, He’s Right

We’ve deliberately eschewed weighing in on the race to the bottom of recent weeks. Perhaps the static pages here have been disappointing.

We return to a matter raised below; it’s more pressing to us — the inevitable coming effort to nationalize (however disguised) large segments of our financial infrastructure.

We’ve had lunch before with Sebastian Mallaby; his World Bank book left us unmoved. Yet here, he makes a narrow but important point.


  1. Anon says

    We think this Marty P essay is interesting – For the record, we definately do not approve of Rev. Wright’s views. But we find few things in American political life so loathsome and boring than the typse of people who get indignant that Obama did not dis his pal.

    These losers we see like Kondracke and Carlson et al who get all huffy and pious in a fraudulent way and say, “Well … I never …!” when they object to Wright’s personage. The Clintons sure looked foolish when it was shown Bill invited that guy to the WH in 1998.

    Anyway – The point is that we know people who believe some crazy weird stuff – On the left and the right. Most Americans believe their own government regularly hides flying saucers and kills their own politicians. Wright’s loony conspiracy views are lamentable, but clearyly, if unfortunately, part of the American tradition.

    Marty P believes some weird things and says some weird stuff too btw:

  2. Anon says

    IMO – This is HRC at her best – If we ever vote for her , it will be because of her ability to prioritize and put things in perspective – Even when it seems weird as hell. But this Scaife meeting is one of the things that seperates HRC from a run of the mill liberal.


  3. Anon says

    Powell has little self-awareness and this kind of ignorance serves as prophalactyic of sorts for his honor.

    If he walked around with a toilet bowl on his head, Tim Russert would say, “There’s General Powell holding up the American Standard!”

    Btw = HRC gives great endorsement:

  4. Dr Leo Strauss says

    We agree. The past telescopes to the future but it is hard when the current generation knows only of 2001-07. You’re quite right that Richard P is far brighter, more clever, and frankly more fun to be around than the ‘Hollow Men’ you mention General Jello or the Benchpresser or Cher Condi.

    The difference is both slight and cosmic: someone who plays to win and someone who wants to avoid mistakes. That is not outcome driven as we can see this anniversary. But it does underscore why both Matthew and Ackerman as you noted and imo got it wrong about the Frontline piece.

  5. Anon says

    Great Buchanan clip – he slips as loses what little cool he has. The woman – Goff – she fails to verbalize what she is sensing intuitively. Namely Pat’s particularization of the black vote – A better case could be made that HRC was becoming the white candidate since her negatives in the black community have rise.

  6. Anon says

    Leo, did you catch this Frontline – IMO, we disagee with the link in that we think Perle was actually one of the least repulsive characters in the whole doc – Disagree with him, we do – But compared to the clownishly overrated Powell or Benchpresser or all the others who think they get some kind of brownie points for writing cool memos or helping to scotch a Scooter talking point for a news cycle or two.

  7. Hunter says

    A short history of american liberalism (and check the first few comments, too). Quite decent, especially considering how short it is.

    And while we’re on the subject of financial market regulation: Clinton advisors and the end of Glass-Steagall. And while we’re on the subject of Clinton’s suitability for office: John Cole thinks even David Brooks is sounding sane. And while we’re on the subject of the self-immolation of the Democratic Party: Ezra.

    Say it with me now: UGH!

  8. Hunter says

    The nut-graph in the above linked article:

    But there’s something more. The myth of the NAFTA Superhighway persists and grows because it taps into deeply felt anxieties about the dizzying dislocations of twenty-first-century global capitalism: a nativist suspicion of Mexico’s designs on US sovereignty, a longing for national identity, the fear of terrorism and porous borders, a growing distrust of the privatizing agenda of a government happy to sell off the people’s assets to the highest bidder and a contempt for the postnational agenda of Davos-style neoliberalism. Indeed, the image of the highway, with its Chinese goods whizzing across the border borne by Mexican truckers on a privatized, foreign-operated road, is almost mundane in its plausibility. If there was a NAFTA highway, you could bet that Tom Friedman would be for it–what could be more flattening than miles of concrete paved across the continent?–and Lou Dobbs would be zealously opposed. In fact, Dobbs has devoted a segment of his show to the highway, its nonexistence notwithstanding. “These three countries moving ahead their governments without authorization from the American people, without Congressional approval,” he said. “This is as straightforward an attack on national sovereignty as there could be outside of war.”


    “Though the story of the highway has been seeded and watered in the fertile soil of the nationalist right wing…it also stretches across ideological and partisan lines. Like immigration and the Dubai ports deal, it divides the Republican coalition against itself, pitting the capitalists against the nationalists. And more than a few on the center-left have voiced criticisms as well…”

    But as any real conspiracy theorist knows, this is only part of the devious plan of the Carlyles and the Rothschilds: they’re also enslaving us with bad debt (mortgages, C.C.s, etc…), and getting ready to enforce this new world order with the new police state, with Blackwater for tactical support. And on, and on.

    Ugh. (Btw, PLEASE click on that link and listen to the AWESOME background music.) The problem here, obviously, is not that the conspiracy theorists are wrong about the facts: the rise of mercenary forces is a Bad Thing, the devaluing of the dollar is a Bad Thing, globalization is at best a mixed bag, etc… but that they infer a singular malefic cabal behind it all. This incorrect understanding of the world then makes it harder to actually solve the real problems we face, because their root causes (PLURAL) are misunderstood. If this is the only kind of the thinking that gets volks to the polls, perhaps that neolib contempt for democracy has a reasonable root. After all, the neocon order’s contempt for democracy is actually much more in line with the fears expressed by the conspiracy theorists, but they fear the Fed’s regulation of financial markets as much as they fear major players therein (e.g. the Carlyle Group). Indeed they are seen to be the same.

    Once again: ugh.

  9. Anon says

    The NAFTA Superhighway will turn the American Heartland into the American Pancreas.

    The NAFTA Superhighway will run like a dagger thru the Heartland – all monies gained benefitting Mexican brigands and Cartelistas.

    Anyway Doc – Here’s a go article about a somewhat related subject – This is one of our favorite conspiracy theories and , while we don’t believe in it – we revel in its growth as just punishment for the neolib order’s contempt for democracy.


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