Obama Lays Claim To A ‘Center’ He Thinks He Found


The Right Wing Moves The Goal Posts And Obama Caves

Surprisingly statesman-like”. . . Michael Barone (4 Stars)

Chris, the inside story is he beat the Republicans at their own game!”. . . Website analyst Howard Fineman

Masterful. I have all the details in my new book.”. . . Morning Joe hanger-on Mark Halperin

Frankly, the most radically deceptive and truly dangerous moment ever to confront the American people.” . . . . Newt

We won! We own the middle now! There’s no place for Republicans to go! Our recent poll shows it’s succeeding. In the Boulder Colorado 73rd school district, a progressive candidate leads by +5, outside the margin of error”. . . . Usual Suspect Daily Kos Blogs

Isn’t it a fact — a FACT! – that if Obama didn’t move to where Republicans painted the middle, he now would be unemployed? Fact! If he didn’t become a Republican you wouldn’t have a Democrat in the White House? I have worked on the Hill as Chief of Staff of the Senate Finance Committee, Sir! I have been in the room ! You’ll pardon me if I take your dismay as just rank amateur second guessing” . . . Obvious

I just don’t get his socialism.” . . . . Jamie Dimon


  1. sglover says

    I love that Newt quote. If there’s anything I think of when I think of the Newtster, it’s a sense of proportion and perspective. That, and rank scumbag opportunism….

    I have been in Istanbul (!!!) for the last week. I’m in Athens now, but I’ll be back to Stambol in a few days. A very, very good place to think about what’s important, and what’s transient. I’m completely smitten by the city, and I’m in tourist euphoria, so consider the source. But America could learn one helluva lot from this cosmic city. The history, the people — it’s beyond words….

    An aside about technology: The power supply/battery pack on my netbook seems to have failed, so I got a Toshiba in Istanbul. It took me a little bit, but now I can work around the Turkish keyboard pretty well. What really makes this gadget a pain in the ass is — what else? — Windows Fucking Seven. All sorts of endless, intrusive ‘help’. Here’s my fave thing so far: I’ve got a nice photo of the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sofia, and I’d like to use it as my desktop background. No no no, sez Bill — for that, you need to buy our valuable ‘upgrade’! This box is getting the Linux treatment real soon after it hits the States.

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