1. Hunter says

    A non-rhetorical question calls for a non-rhetorical answer: Congress. Not that GS shouldn’t be razed to the ground, but it’s our political system that needs to be responsible for carrying out that task. And Congress is described by the appellation ‘responsible’ like Tom Friedman is described by ‘coherent’.

  2. Comment says

    LOL – Imagine Palin explaining to Henry Cabot Lodge or Teddy Roosevelt what the Lamestream Media is.

    • Dr Leo Strauss says

      Mark Ames, who wrote that article, hates Amurikuh. He also refuses to show his birth certificate. His mother was known to frequent a local Indian restaurant the year before his birth. All ignored by the Lamestream Media.

  3. Comment says

    Dowd was able to get under Archbishop Dolan’s skin because she knows people like him so she could get in his decision cycle. She does not know Wall St, outside of images.

    In addition – the anodyne hearing had none of the piquant edge of the hearing in the Godfather – It was not even close.

    The cherubic Wallace Shawn-ish Blankfein has zero gangsterism about him.

    Btw – Dolan actually called Dowd anti Catholic in his weekly newsletter – that shows MoDo scored a hit. The clerics much prefers its enemies to be rednecks of the old school variety, or left wing professors.

    • Dr Leo Strauss says

      Hilarious, especially as you note the maladroit Godfather references. She should stick to Twilight. Perhaps she is feeling cocky, having shamed the Vatican into action with a single column. Although to be fair, La Noonan helped. Who could withstand that one-two punch?

  4. Comment says

    Levin and to a lesser extant Kaufman landed some blows — But most of the Senators just wasted time – Poor Senator Coburn has no idea that Goldmanities are laughing at him behind his back when he assigns prinary blame to Congress for things Goldman did.

    These Senators often do not prepare properly.

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