Who Else Should Be Offered A Job By The White House If They Will Just Stop What They’re Doing?

So the Big Dog offers a prominent Obama White House job to Joe Sestak if he would take a dive. Par for the course.

L’affaire Sestak raises a more interesting question. Why stop at pure politics? The White House can do more good offering select jobs to others if they give up. More than focusing on its watered down, weak and feckless agenda. Think. Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to PBS Board? Uwe Boll? Peter Bienart to ‘stand up’ Radio Free Sri Lanka? Shouldn’t Heidi Montag be in the Surgeon General’s office on general principle? If Kanye West ran protocol?

Those — and similar — decisive actions would immeasurably impact the lives of all Americans. More than the botched stimulus bill. Ask Krugman.

This Administration jaw jaws about bold vision and action. No mortal can avert the next natural disaster. But there’s still time to intervene and stop Transformers 3. Just a mental exercise. Ponder who else deserves to be voted into the Administration. And see if your day doesn’t brighten, even at the margins.