Who Else Should Be Offered A Job By The White House If They Will Just Stop What They’re Doing?

So the Big Dog offers a prominent Obama White House job to Joe Sestak if he would take a dive. Par for the course.

L’affaire Sestak raises a more interesting question. Why stop at pure politics? The White House can do more good offering select jobs to others if they give up. More than focusing on its watered down, weak and feckless agenda. Think. Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to PBS Board? Uwe Boll? Peter Bienart to ‘stand up’ Radio Free Sri Lanka? Shouldn’t Heidi Montag be in the Surgeon General’s office on general principle? If Kanye West ran protocol?

Those — and similar — decisive actions would immeasurably impact the lives of all Americans. More than the botched stimulus bill. Ask Krugman.

This Administration jaw jaws about bold vision and action. No mortal can avert the next natural disaster. But there’s still time to intervene and stop Transformers 3. Just a mental exercise. Ponder who else deserves to be voted into the Administration. And see if your day doesn’t brighten, even at the margins.


  1. Dr Leo Strauss says



    You called it, Anxious. Although Jim Kramer fans might claim there may have been some ballot irregularities. Fat fingers or some such.

  2. Comment says

    Uncle Pat’s blog seems to have a lot of Truther posts – He’s sort of flirting with the issue.

  3. Comment says

    Poor Tweety had to say the opposite of what he thinks regards two things tonight – the Israel raid and Al Gore. You all know Tweeety loaths Gore, but felt compelled tonight to seem to like him and admire him, Also – there is less than zero chance that Tweety really thinks the IDF is being unfairly dumped upon by the media – But that was his gist.

  4. Comment says

    The fallout with Turkey will go as follows – 1.) Turkey seeks to condemn at the UN 2.) US blocks or vetos 3.)Turkey ramps up relations with Syria and Iran – giving Iran advice etc 4.) US Congress acknowledges Armenian genocide

  5. says

    The Israeli ship attack is a perfect movementarian event – that exquisite combination of ruthlessness and incompetence. I think of it as the Ledeen martini.

  6. Comment says

    Woops – cancel that prior post – just saw D. Frum’s Twitter feed – he says , it turns out, that the so-called charity boats launched an attack on the Israeli inspectors. Total misunderstanding.

  7. Comment says

    Instead of Barak, we meant to say Bibi – got distracted because we’re watching Joe Klein on TV speaking about Woody Guthrie

  8. Comment says

    While Pat does not explicitly endorse the Corporal – that is the implicit message – Afterall – we know for a fact they invaded Poland, but Pat says he did not want to invade Poland – As if he was a person who did what he did not want to do. We also know for a fact, he invaded France – something Pat said he did not want to do. Guess, he was forced by, what?

  9. Comment says

    Ofcourse after TechCentral – Mr. Dow 36,000 was put in charge of America’s image in the MidEast. Amazing – Now he is working on the Dubya legacy – Incredible series of failure – but he is doing well by American standards. A total flop does well. Is this good? I dunno.

  10. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @Comment re Pat

    We spent alot of time on the Schmidt-Pat-Movement axis. Who would have guessed then that Pat would toss all pretense aside and write a screed/book outright defending the Corporal, excoriating the West for opposing him and calling a former SS member ‘Jesus Christ’? Makes the whole exercise back then redundant in the extreme.

  11. Comment says

    Leo, do you ever head over to that ol’ STOSZ 1.o stomping ground and just say, “Damm, weren’t we young way back then?”

    • Dr Leo Strauss says

      Not recently. All of us burned brightly then for sure. Great riffing.

      Something quaint about it now – begun when HuffPo launched as all text and no pictures like Drudge. Instapundit was constantly named checked by Howard Fineman and Howie Kurtz as crucial to ‘the conversation.’

      No YouTube and people cared about Pajamas Media. When a Big Pharma covertly backed Glassman website called TechCentral masquerading as an honest broker thought leader with tediously long winded all text articles. When Tweety et al. dismissed blogs as faddish rabble. When people believed voting the Republicans out would make a meaningful difference.

      Sure seems like a long time ago. Like people remembering when Grace Slick was as fresh as Taylor Swift.

  12. Dr Leo Strauss says

    The Schmidt stuff and the regime, his ‘rehabilitation’ by the Crits in the legal Academy in the 1980s as well as the extreme wings of the Federalist Society and non-legal Right likely would be mostly over at STOSZ 1.0. Can’t recall how detailed the posts were on Addington specifically. We haven’t been back over there in ages, much like not returning to Flushing Meadows after 1964.

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