Winning The Future – The Bunker’s Latest Baby

With all the grim news lately, the Stiftung decided it was up to us to win the future and add to the velocity of money. So we shut off the ‘news’ and brought a new baby home to the bunker. Please join us in welcoming this Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro. Maddening times demand monster tone and she has it in spades. Plus it’s actually really made in Amerikuh (the Epi clones were Korean are PRC).

She sports BurstBucker and Classic ’57 pickups with push pull coil splits, meaning she can almost get within range of Telecaster twang as well as fabled Les Paul warmth. The maple top is a thing of beauty, although compared to the American Standard Strat and SG Special 3, this is a honking heavy guitar. She’s good therapy already. After crunching out some riffs the spineless Boy King shrinks to the merely infuriating.

Highly recommended. We estimate effective dosage to be three times daily, on the clean channel, with gain and master at 3 o’clock. The Tech-21 Leeds pedal is on order. Interestingly, it’s possible to get a replacement plan for the guitar for fairly reasonable rates.

We asked the store manager if we deliberately re-enacted “This Guitar Has Seconds To Live” wearing an Obama mask for a YouTube video, would the plan buy a totally new guitar? His answer was a simple “absolutely, no questions.” It’s a beautiful instrument but in the scheme of things about the same as a nice laptop. And we’d have no hesitation demolishing a laptop in the service of Art Against Weak Presidents. And it would be covered, too. The trick will be to synchronize the musical devastation with appropriate visual memes and choreography — without violating ordnances for dbs and mayhem.

If we do it, we’d like to ask for your help getting the video viral. After all, it’s the audacious thing to do.


  1. Comment says

    @DrLeoStrauss Dowd et al are part of a fading era – She just posts links on her Twitter page, so unless she and others market their Twitter – They will be stuck behind a paywall and will wax nostalgic for the era of G-town parties and casual influence they maintained – bubble reputations.

    Krugman still matters – If Safire were alive, he would matter – But the old world is passing.

  2. Comment says

    @DrLeoStrauss Ha – ROFLMAO – very true.

    Btw – check out so you can bypass any payroll. Interesting to see who matters at NYT via Twitter. Supposedly influential Friedman 35k and Dowd 16K have teeny tiny following vs Krugman 550K. They’re all chumps compared to Charlie Sheen.

    Dowd and Friedman won’t fare too well behind a payroll – Their influence has been mostly bubble, it would seem

  3. DrLeoStrauss says

    @Comment Talleyrand of course would be counseling Obama on how to attack, then dining with Sarkozy explaining U.S. idiocy and plans, while negotiating with Putin and Khaddafi on arms re-supply. When caught out, he’d still ensure a seat at the table for the future Tripoli Accords.

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    A few years ago we went for a couple of years without cable -Sometime btw 2006-09. We’re thinking now that was a golden period and now want to get rid of cable.

  5. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Tweety tonight seemed to straddle all sides, closing with a statement that was essentially watered down Rightist complaints that Obamq failed to deploy enough force. He’ll have tape to cover himself regardless how events unfold. Just like he did with Iraq before. In 2006 he vigorously airbrushed his past to claim he was always against Bush, Republicans and the war.

    Even when relegated to ambient background noise Tweety unfailingly bestows a headache. Probably a sign of advancing age.

  6. Comment says

    Chris Matthews says India and Israel are now the “Two I’s” – He says in the Two I’s used to be Ireland and Italy.

  7. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Was it Kant who said ‘Oh what the hell, it’s just a friggin tool’ or That Other Guy? That Guy hasn’t really done it much from ’78 on and belatedly shared your assessment.

    Although have to say that those 70s shows remain the most spectacular, chaotic, melodic and unpredictably explosive out of all we caught. For the 20,000 souls crammed into an ice hockey arena, the ritualistic slaughter of these beautiful artifacts released ecstasy we’ve never seen since. Not even the Daily Kos kidz when Obama won the Iowa caucus. Truly.

    We talk a big game. But we’d probably go get a Korean more economical PRC knock-off Epi without letting on in a YouTube clip. For the reasons you note.

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