U.S. Watches Tahrir Square And The Arab Spring: Working For The Clampdown

One has to feel sorry for the Egyptians demonstrating against Mubarak in Tahrir Square. Obama comes on TV and they behold classic Goldilocks Syndrome. To be fair, this one of those situations that can reward a certain public ambiguity.


  1. Dr Leo Strauss says

    The audacity of meetings, many many meetings:

    “It’s no secret that Tom’s style is one of running a very intense process,” the official said. “Lots of meetings. Lots of inter-agency coordination. A very aggressive process. We are meeting very frequently at all levels of our government, insuring that we have the most up to date information for when we need to brief the president.”

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    It became a drinking game this weekend – take one everytime a cable talking head said ‘the respected Egyptian Army’. In one hour on CNN various commentators and the host said it nine times. Oddly, this AM Morning Joe was the exception, as Mika continues to devolve past Den Mother to Cafeteria Monitor. We’ve been channel hopping so it all became a blur, but somewhere along the line someone exclaimed Elbaradei is the real Chalabi!

  3. Comment says

    I don’t think Obama can speak candidly – To quote Laertes on Hamlet :
    For he himself is subject to his birth:
    He may not, as unvalued persons do,
    Carve for himself; for on his choice depends
    The safety and health of this whole state;
    And therefore must his choice be circumscribed
    Unto the voice and yielding of that body
    Whereof he is the head.

    Besides – we sell the Egyptians lots of weapons.

  4. Comment says

    Recall how Matthews was always trashing Hillary – someone who is obviously smarter than him. But you see Hillary was too smart – the opposite of Palin-Bachman. (Bachman prob is as smart or smarter than Tweety but she does say odd things).

    Anyway — Bizarre that he has been able to act this way so long. It totally undermines the case against the right wing media for libs to be saddled with Tweety monkey on its back.

  5. Comment says

    Tweety loves to call Palin and Bachman names on TV – Lord knows, I am no fan of either woman, but this idea of constantly insulting women in public really looks bad. Despite his 24 honorary doctorates Tweety knows deep inside that he ain’t no intellectual himself. While his Masters degree may have saved his ass from Vietnam, it cannot hide the huge gaps in basic knowledge of so many things.

  6. euskal says

    Can you believe Our vice President stated that Mulbarak is not a dictator? And we laughed at Palin’s comments…

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