Ah yes, London’s G-20 clearly means ‘the end of Anglo-Saxon capitalism’ as Carla Bruni’s husband put it. Quite. And as the near politically irrelevant Gordon Brown put it, London’s G-20 ‘marks the emergence of a New World Order’. Quite.

The scene just screams Dmitri, Barack and Berlusconi knocking back a few Stoli shots. With Hu the amused if exasperated designated driver.

There is still hesitancy to make a break with the old patterns. The Europeans for their part wanted to preen for their public while basking in the Obama halo. Check. Obama just wanted to get by without a fumble and make clear he’s not the Warlord. Check. Certainly, China is indeed the most interesting player, not Obama, in structural possibilities and ramifications. The mini G-2 by all reports occurred without incident. And Hu remains circumspect about pushing further for now the inevitable Chinese call on the ‘Obama Dollar.’

So chalk another confab up to inertia. For all the political improbability and outright operational economic impossibility, the Europeans have contrived to maintain their equally delusional belief that as ever since 1917, the Americans will take both the vitriolic abuse and responsibility for making things right. Leaving the Old World to pursue their lily-in-the-fields existence. Oh they may demand this or that or scheme for this or that, but who really cared then or now that DeGaulle pulled out of NATO’s chain of command? Or Sarkozy put France back in?

Off topic, Dmitri, apparently smitten, gazed into Barack’s eyes and . . . wished he got an iPod, too. As long as Dmitri plausibly can saddle Vlad with his public’s fury at the economy’s fallout he can indulge in smiles, however fleeting. Besides, they don’t have to deal with ‘Russian expert’ Cher Condi and her husband. What’s not to like?

We wonder who will fall to the floor first when the music stops in the months ahead. It won’t be pretty.


Meanwhile, as noted in the comments here, this is cherry blossom week in the Imperial City. Today, in fact, the festival closed downtown. Here’s what it looks like not too far from the Bunker . . .

Springtime After 8 Years Of Winter

And two more, one from this morning . . .

A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever