Democratic Collapse: 2010 Year In Review – The Short Version

Napoleon Obama Administration: Write a letter to the DNC. Right now and tell them that, what time do you think it is? March 2010? Good. Write and tell them after the year long health care effort, we broke the Movement. Tell them that we won the war 2010 mid terms! We won the war the 2010 mid terms!

Wellington Mitch McConnell: It appears we’re losing the war. Give me more fillibusters, or give me Marshal Blucher Tea Party turnout!

Napoleon Obama Administration: McConnell is beaten. He’s bled to death. Now, now the Old Guard unleash Brand Obama and on to the Dream Act!

Wellington McConnell: I am abandoning my scruples. I want what is left of us here! Every Republican says NO! If the Fox Nation and Tea Party don’t turn out now, they’ll break every bone in my body.

Uxbridge Sam Brownback: Good policy, Wellington, McConnell.

Wellington McConnell: If there is anything in this world about which I positively know nothing, it is responsible governance.

Non-Rightists: Yo Obama Administration, Blucher the Movement is in the woods. Look out! The Movement is in the woods!

Napoleon Obama Administration: I made one mistake in my life. I should have watered down the agenda even more!

Blucher: De Mint Raise high the black flag my children, no pity, no prisoners. I will shoot any man I see with pity in him. On, on my children!

Wellington McConnell: Now Ailes, now is your time !!

Democratic base and Independents: It’s the Movement, run!

Napoleon Obama Administration: Why do you all stand there like frightened children? You call yourself hope and change? The Movement is too late. Too late. The Old Politics are beaten, don’t you understand? Where is your faith? The Old Politics are beaten! I’ve been in this position before with Hillary during the primaries. I lost New Hampshire to Clinton and won the battle back again in South Carolina!

Marshal Ney David Axelrod: Stand with me !!! Are you the non-professional Left? Stand with me! Are you believers in Brand Obama? Don’t you know me? I am David Axelrod. Axelrod, ineffective spokesperson for the Obama inner circle !!

DNC Operatives: The Movement intensity is here !!! The Obama Brand has broken!

Uxbridge Sam Brownback: My God, I’ve given up my Senate seat and am now governor of Kansas.

Wellington McConnell: My God, Sir, so you have.

Beltway Conventional Wisdom Obama, you must water down your policies more! You have to triangulate. You must agree with McConnell. You must move to the Right!


Sergei Bondarchuk’s stunning Waterloo. Spectacle made real before the brittle cheats of CGI. When Bondarchuk filmed, he commanded the 7th largest army in the world at the time. Plus Orson Welles as a sardonic Louis XVIII. Highly recommended — regardless of your views on 2010.


  1. Comment says

    As far as feuds go, that one had/has true sitcom quality. To the extent the audience would be rooting for anyone it would root for Grover. The petty quality of the feud – the small beer nature of the offenses – the ill will that remains behind any truce. It does need better dialogue and maybe the some of the writers of the better Office episodes can work on that.

  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    re Tucker, Grover long ago mastered the discipline to maintain public equanimity. We doubt his assessment budged a millimeter.

  3. DrLeoStrauss says

    A sad loss to his friends and loved ones, indeed. A revealing, infelicitous but well-intentioned quote.

    God bless.

  4. DrLeoStrauss says

    Likewise, and may this next decade bring health and good fortune to all our merry band and loved ones.

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