A Tiny Flicker Of . . . Hope . . . ?

As nervous as I was about this whole process, the one thing I didn’t lose sleep over was the possibility of taking bin Laden out. Justice was done. And I think that anyone who would question that the perpetrator of mass murder on American soil didn’t deserve what he got needs to have their head examined.

Obama on ’60 Minutes’ (May 8, 2011)

Maybe Bismarck really was right after all. Although, to be fair, once again the Goldilocks process is revealed. The options before him were: (a) stand-off kinetic force; (b) boots on the ground; or (c) wait for more data to increase confidence percentage. He chose (b). (Thank goodness – ed.)

Obama showed guts going for the best outcome. He also had to weigh the inevitable leaks and future blame for ‘letting Bin Laden escape’ should he select (a) or (c), supra. Inevitable leaks which would obliterate him. The man’s a politician, after all.

We’ve been amused watching the ‘Left’ [sic] torment itself. Our friend Comment earlier mentioned NPR’s droning on re the ‘Geronimo’ meme. If you recall, we replied to him that NPR needed to kick it up a notch. To really get Rightists into aneurysm territory. And here to answer that call? Take Noam Chomsky. Please. {rimshot}.

It’s increasingly clear that the operation was a planned assassination, multiply violating elementary norms of international law. There appears to have been no attempt to apprehend the unarmed victim, as presumably could have been done by 80 commandos facing virtually no opposition—except, they claim, from his wife, who lunged towards them. In societies that profess some respect for law, suspects are apprehended and brought to fair trial. I stress “suspects.”

“Great stuff. One could make a career out of this one [column] . . . Most paranoid delusions are intricate, but this is brilliant.” It’s almost like Newt waddled down the hall and said “I need a sample secularist, multicultural, [insert clumsy allusion to hating heterosexual marriage] Leftist direct mail caricature piece in 45 minutes.” Chomsky hits each note of a Rightist pastiche with the unerring precision of a Holiday Inn cover band. It’s such a parody of a parody that the universe itself seems to blink out of existence for a nano-second.

We’re kind of in awe. Years ago we routinely cranked out straw man arguments for clients (those are usually called ‘Motions for Summary Judgment’ in house) or the VRWC. But Chomsky adds that Kinkadian kitsch that’s so inauthentic it can’t be faked.

Can Chomsky plagiarize himself? Courts have actually wrestled with this stuff. John Fogherty was sued for exactly that.

Like an Italian overture (or Gaul) Chomsky’s Meisterwerk comes in three parts. Following tradition, his middle movement is a bit slow, but his outer movements truly race. For example, he opens with a furious declaration that we only ‘suspect’ Bin Laden was behind the Cole, the 1998 Embassy Bombings, 9/11, etc. Chomsky then pulls back, lets the strings have space as he opens up the tragedy of ‘violating’ Pakistani sovereignty. He takes time to develop a theme, ‘What if the Iraqis should send commandos to Dallas and takeout the Warlord?’ And then he gallops to a rousing finish, not only re-stating earlier ‘Left’ [sic] motifs about the whole ‘Geronimo’, ‘Apache’ helicopters, and ‘Tomahawk’ cruise missiles thing, but he surprises the audience with an unexpected flourish of Nazi parallels, closing finally on a fortissimo swell of Luftwaffe.

It’s like naming our murder weapons after victims of our crimes: Apache, Tomahawk… It’s as if the Luftwaffe were to call its fighter planes “Jew” and “Gypsy.”

Et fini. As a great American once said, “It’s like working with mercury. It’s high science, man. It’s art form [sic]. Hats off for going there, especially knowing how the Academy is about that s**t.” In our best VRWC AgitProp prime (decades past, now) we never would have even thought to tip toe *around* that finale.

It’s simply stunning. Transcendent even.

Of course, it’s also why Obama can be so non-chalant presiding as Rightist Lite (de-caff). Thank you, Noam Chomsky. Not for the Obama thing. Reading you in 2011 brought back such silver memories of Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh, Sydney Schanberg blaming the Khmer Rouge on B-52s, Warnke and then the Freeze.

To all you young, aspiring VRWC drones out there, carpe diem. It may look and feel like cubicle hell, but stop and smell the toner cartridges. Cherish the gifts life brings you.