Congratulations To Congress For Repealing DADT

This blog didn’t focus on DADT much largely because others are so much better and eloquent. Secretary Gates and the military itself ultimately made the case. So short to the point.

How surprising and delightful that Congress acted instead of the judicial alternative. Granting DoD time for considered implementation of new policy is important. Beyond that, a judicial decision might consume Article III institutions needlessly with overtly wedge politicization, further eroding their fundamental legitimacy. In the end all courts have is our shared consensual allegiance and deference. It’s an intangible but precious coin.

Our courts have mastered sweeping challenges before. Here their rare resource is saved for another day. Kudos to Congress for stepping up to the plate and crafting social policy through the peoples’ representatives.


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    As an aside Buchanan’s Jefferson grace note could be considered an unintentional irony because if Jefferson did sleep with Sally as most historians seem to think (and DNA suggests is possible, or even likely), then he would be guilty of rape by contemporary law standards. Sally was under 18 and she really had no say in the matter. Yes, you cannot apply today’s law to back then. But.

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    Buchanan’s whole column is jammed with all sorts of stuff – He deserves to be called an honorary chickenhawk again for his presumption to speak on behalf of soldiers and Marines en masse. This is Kristol stuff he is spewing – the style, if not the substance. The whole vibe of betrayal and Judas like politicians steams thru his prose. He does not just speak for the Marines – but for all of Christendom.

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    Buchanan finds a backstab where others miss:
    “Remarkable. The least respected of American institutions, Congress, with an approval rating of 13 percent, is imposing its cultural and moral values on the most respected of American institutions, the U.S. military.”

    If you take Buchanan seriously – America has become so filled with treachery and decadent effeminacy, demented, wicked, so far gone, so removed from its essence – that it’s hard to imagine how he gets up in the morning without puking on a flag – Yet, he smiles on TV.

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    Leo- Though we are in the tank for Obama – we always keep in mind the key point of comparing him to a McCain presidency – Which (we guess) have 5-10 percent higher unemployment and calls for draft to deal with crisis in Ukraine, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, N. Korea, Sudan, and all the other places McCain would want to bomb.

    Check out this clip – Gotta cut Inhofe some slack – He only knows what he knows – but his wedding anniversary grace note is priceless:

    McCain – relentlessly bitter – lashing out at Sunday shows that feature him as the guest almost every week for 10 years!

    But look at McCain in all his bitterness and his angry butler Lindsey with his spittle and fatuous objections.

    Chambliss also knows better – How to get out of serving in war when he was called.

  5. Dr Leo Strauss says

    @Redhand Great link and suggestion Redhand. Dennis G’s pitch perfect – it was nice to laugh out loud reading it. Usual BJ good stuff. And you’re right, we’ve got 6 more years of spiral to endure.

  6. Redhand says

    I rather liked BJ poster Dennis G’s A growing field of study compilation of observations just how batshit crazy and bitterly-insane-with-rage John McCain is, no more so than in his response to the passage of DADT. It’s a rant worthy of Rumpelstiltskin.

    Too bad that, unlike the fairy tale, we still have to suffer the existence of this creature in public life.

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    Absolutely hilarious watching former media liberal “character” hero go into total meltdown rant today. McCain was beside himself with fury. Great to watch.

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    This was Obama’s point against critics who suggested he just issue an executive order or let the court decision stand. Obama noted it was a law passed by Congress and should be removed by Congress. Had he done what F. Rich or others suggested, there would have been a whole new meme about activist courts or social experimenting, etc. Obama’s long drawn out process was annoying like the health care thing, but there was a logic to it

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