Imagine That, You’re Doing It Too?

Two Peas In A Pod Hiding Under Olympic Fireworks

One has to agree that Edwards’ affair fess up is way TMI. Truly, his statement is bizarre. We’ll let the progressive blogosphere delve into all the angst, betrayals, and consternation. Timing the belated confession to coincide with Olympic opening night is his only good judgment on it so far.

Vlad also took advantage of the Olympics. Multiple security council negotiations are drowned out by fireworks and peoples’ fatigue of fighting in places with difficult names and even more incomprehensible grudges. So are political hacks’ tussling over which American candidate is answering the 3:00 AM phone call. Much easier to bask in Bob Costas’ authoritative discourse on volleyball arcana.

Of the two men, it is no surprise who is more adroit. Soaking in the pageantry and hospitality of America’s landlord, Vlad also gets to declare war while among his peers. (Medvedev? Please. A staffer). Putin also signals without doing so his disdain for and circumvention of the exhausted, palsied American attempts to contain and encircle him.Whether the Georgians began the crisis is – for the moment -irrelevant. Such unexpressed satisfaction there must be in certain circles in Beijing that the world is their stage, the fallen Warlord gets slapped down for his feeble mumbles about ‘liberty’, and then Putin’s (all too predictable) counter stroke.

Edwards? Apparently he still entertains delusions of speaking at an ice hockey arena in Denver.