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Welcome to another Stiftung Comic, this ‘ish, “NATO STRIKES!”

The Secret Behind Sarkozy’s Mania To Attack Libya

The comic issue begins with the fateful decision to bomb Libya. . .


Obama declares his firm decision that he will bomb and attack Libya, but no boots will ever touch Libyan soil. The U.S. military follows its orders to the letter . . .


But even the best military plans go awry . . .


  1. Dr Leo Strauss says

    Then in January, Marine — at 42, the youngest of his three daughters — won a battle to succeed her father as president of the party. Almost overnight, she brought the National Front not just back into the spotlight but also into outright competition.

    The polls that show her matching or outpacing Sarkozy have shuffled the French political game board. Of late, Sarkozy has fired his diversity minister, declared that multiculturalism has been “a failure” and staged a “debate on Islam” that French Muslims saw as a swat at them — all moves that are widely viewed as a direct response to Marine Le Pen’s rise. She derided Sarkozy’s support for the recently enacted ban on full face veils as a pandering political maneuver that addressed only “the tip of the iceberg” of what she views as the Islamization of French culture . . .

    “Never in modern French history has the far right challenged like this,” Frédéric Micheau, adjunct director of the French polling agency IFOP, told me. “This is something totally new.” This jump in support for so polarizing a figure raises a question that has ramifications not only in France but also in other places where the far right is resurgent: is Le Pen fille a different person from her father, or has racism simply become mainstream? . . .

    When I pointed out that in the U.S. she would sound like a left-wing politician, she shot back, “Yes, but Obama is way to the right of us,” and opined that proper government oversight would have averted the American financial crisis.


  2. Dr Leo Strauss says

    When President Obama went in, his doctrine was to enter Libya for humanitarian purposes. The point of what I am saying is that we are seeing many, many lives lost, including innocent civilians’ lives [reacting to news of Khaddafi’s son and grandchildren’s deaths].

    What will be the ultimate objective and gain? I don’t see it. I think it was a foolish decision to have gotten involved.

    Michelle Bachmann, May 2011

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